Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Should Celebrate Or Something

We had our homeschool mommy meeting/prayer time tonight.

I was very blessed and now know why I had a killer headache all day.
I'm so glad I didn't cancel!

Anyhoo, because I was occuppied, I was not on the computer.

As I was chatting up one of the moms, Abigail came over, very excited, to tell me I had a hundred.

I was thinking... a hundred?  Dollars? That would be nice.

A hundred emails?  That would be strange.

"A hundred what??" I asked.

"A hundred follwers on Mishmash! We should have a PaRtY!"


I think she just wants pizza.

But, she does have a good point... we need to celebrate!

There are one hundred beautiful faces in my sidebar and I wish I could invite y'all over!

Oh, wouldn't that be so fun??!!

*Sigh, but on this side of heaven, I don't think it is realistic.

We have to do something right?

So how about this for a random giveaway.

I will select a winner to receive your choice of...

{drumroll please}

either any mug from the Zazzle store (so you can drink your coffee from your favorite Nana-ism)


(I hope she doesn't mind...)
you can choose to have your very own, one of a kind, personally handcrafted...


(The "Hawaskans" brought an extra one :)

Check it out--

That is one real coconut all the way from Hawaii!

Okay so what must one do to enter said giveaway??

I'm thinking just leave me a comment (and your email addy) stating which you would prefer--

a mug (and you have to tell me which mug--More dishes?  Bugs Me Crazy? Octopus? etc...)


the coconut.

To browse the mugs, head over to Zazzle--

Oh, and if you haven't "placed your face" in my sidebars, please do that so we can have another excuse to have a party!

Giveaway ends... Sunday, August 29th at midnight PST and I'll draw a winner and announce on Monday, August 30th.

How does that sound??

Oh and if you can't wait and decide you really  need a mug, Zazzle is having a Back-to-School sale and you can use this code for 15% off: BTSRULE5MUGS


Kathi @ A Mother's Prayers said...

Even though I'd just LOVE to drink my morning cup, while looking at your Pretty Face...I have to go with the Coconut.

Maybe having a little Hawaii on my mantle will somehow convince the Army to cut our orders for there after all! Would you believe one of Brian's co-workers had their orders changed from Hawaii to Georgia...

BTW, Congrats!

Lainie said...

I don't blame you... The Coconut is Cool!! )

But, you may want to tell a certain someone from your household to enter so she can finally get her "More dishes?" mug...

just sayin'

Darlene said...

oooh. who couldn't use a fun mug??? Thanks for the giveaway.

Misty said...

How awesome to have that many ppl that enjoy reading your blog! I have enjoyed reading it and I no longer homeschool (both my kids are in public school now). Even so, I enjoy your blogs and tidbits greatly.

As much as I love the mugs, if I had a choice I would choose the coconut. Only because I could easily purchase a mug (and will!).

Keep on doing what you are doing and know that you are blessing many!


Kellye said...

Ooooh....I love coffee mugs! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy 100 Followers!!!

Marimbasticks said...

Ooh! Ooh! I want a PITS mug!!! Or an "I'm done with flames" mug (did I quote that correctly?)!!!!!

MB said...

I would like this "this bugs me crazy" mug. That's cute. And also, congrats! I don't have Google on my sidebar bc it doesn't work with wordpress, but not even close to that on FB either. Great job!


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