Monday, August 30, 2010

First Day of School and Giveaway Winners Announced

So, we're starting school today... Lord willing :)

We are easing into the school year and easing into waking up at a somewhat reasonable time.

Warning: All of you mommies with little children will be horrified at this post.

When my children were little, I know I would have been.

But let me be the first to tell you that hormones, changing bodies, and young adults are an entirely different ballgame.

Good, very good usually, just different.

All that to say... for Monday we've decided everyone should be up, beds mades, breakfast eaten, people showered (that don't shower the night before), ferret played with, kitchen cleaned, bibles in hand, ready to roll by the shocking time of...

11 am.

Yes, you read that right.

And I know that doesn't sound difficult but when some children are waking up at 11 am, believe me when I say it is a challenge!!

But don't worry, we don't plan on being complete slackers all year long.

The start time on Tuesday is 10 am.

Wednesday the girls have their music lessons and the Captain is off so we don't officially do school.

And, by Thursday our start time will be the usual 9 am.

We usually ease into the school work too.

We'll see how much we get done today and know that Day 1 can be over two days if needed.

It'll depend on how long it takes to get our brains churning.

Speaking of brains churning...

Actually, this had nothing to do with brains churning but I had no other segue.

The first Giveaway name I pulled wanted a mug and so she will get a mug.

But that meant that I would still have an extra coconut.

Nana wanted the second coconut but I told her she did not need two painted coconuts.

She tried to insist that she did, in fact, need both.

But, I was a meanie and told her I would not put her name in the box to draw from because she hadn't actually left a comment entering the giveaway.

Don't worry, although she grumbled, she has a very, very nice painted coconut and she'll get over it :)

Oh my!  I am rambling!

Yikes-- okay so who was the first name that I drew???

{drumroll please}

For the mug of choice...


Which is funny because I actually did write her name on a piece of paper AND it was the first name that I drew out.  What is funny is she is at our house almost everyday and if she wanted a mug all she had to do was tell me and I would have gotten her one.

But, she entered and won fair and square.

(Tell me which one you want sweetie and I'll order it while you're standing over my shoulder like you and Abby always do when I'm on the big computer :)

Okay, so now on to the coconut...

I didn't know what would happen if I drew a second name and that person wanted a mug.

Thankfully, I drew a second name and this person wanted a coconut.

More than just wanting a coconut, this person wants a transfer to Hawaii and I hope that the fact that she won means that she'll get the transfer she wants AND that in the process of moving she'll end up having to come through Portland, Oregon so she can visit me.

Kathi Bailey you are the proud owner of a beautiful, new coconut :)

Email me your addy again because you know I keep losing it.

Now on to really serious business...

I don't like to post without having some sort of picture or graphic because I want there to be something in your dashboard or reader.

But this wasn't really a picture kinda post since I can't hand the winners their prizes and snap a photo.

So this is my picture for this post...

for no reason other than it seems to be a new bedtime snack.

Funny that...

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