Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To Encourage One Another- July

Once-a-month, a group of moms have been getting together to encourage each other in our common calling to educate our children at home.

This sweet time of fellowship has been such a blessing to me.

I share a devotional and then the amazing part-- we pray for one another.

Each woman shares her request and then we stop and pray it in before the next woman shares.

The answers to these prayers have been awesome and encouraging.

The Lord is so good :)

So I was thinking about how I would love it if y'all could come to these meetings.

But since we don't live in the same area, I thought, "What to do, what to do?"

I know I can't give you yummy cheesecake over the internet but I thought,

"Hey, why don't I share the devotional part and then offer to pray?"

Well, I finally (hopefully) figured out how to embed the audio here.

And I've added it to the "Midnight Chat" podcast in iTunes if you'd rather download.

I'd also like to invite you to leave a prayer request in the comment field or email me.

It'll almost be like you were with us... except, you know, without cheesecake and a hug from me :)

Click the triangle to play...


IAMmom said...

Encouraged, and I will share it with others. Thank you for figuring all the techie stuff out. It was more important than you will ever know. You are a dear.

Lainie said...

I hope you and I meet someday before Heaven. I bet we could really share some stories...

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