Monday, July 12, 2010

Products That Help:The Expo Click!

Last year was the first year I invested in the retractable dry erase marker.

Last year was the first year I only used one marker the entire school year.

Do they cost a little bit more than the regular dry erase marker?


Is the added cost worth it?


My dear children do not forget to put the caps on the dry erase marker.

My dear children simply forget to push the cap all the way on until it snaps into place.

The marker looks covered.

But it is just enough uncovered to let air in which dries out my marker.

The year before I went through at least three markers in nine months.
Each time I would discover it was "dry" at a very inconvenient moment.
I would have to stop and grab another while conducting my "police investigation" to discover "who used the marker last and didn't snap the cap on all the way?"

(It was always a little embarrassing to realize I was the last one to use it {{{blush}}})

Moving on...

Besides the "Click" factor, I found that these markers wrote more smoothly and erased more easily.

Will we invest in a retractable marker again this year?



For those you that want the bottom line:

A 3-pack of Expo Click cost $6.49 which is $2.15 per marker
A 12-pack of regular Expo markers is $15.99 which is $ 1.33 per marker

If one Click at $2.15 lasts as long as 3 regulars ($1.33 x 3) at $3.99, I incur a  savings of $1.84 over the school year plus I am disposing of less waste

It isn't a huge savings, but I do save on frustration, time, and general annoyance.

Bonus?  It's fun to Click it :)

Oh, and yes it does come in colors...


Darlene said...

So glad to know about these!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That you broke it down by click and savings makes me smile, Lainie! :)

I'm all about not losing marker caps. LOVE the click factor!

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