Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do You Have Five Minutes?

I hope you have five-ish minutes because that is as brief as I can be!

There has been some "discussion" about the lengths of the Midnight Chats.

They sound something along the lines of,

"I got interrupted three times and had to keep coming back to it."

 "I just can't seem to get fifteen (ish) minutes together long enough to listen!"

On my end of it... I never have any idea when I will do one, what it will be about, or how long it will be.

It's been one of those"obedience/walking by the Spirit" things.

But I have been listening... and praying... and listening... and praying.

Here on Mishmash, I will often do a devotional post under the heading, "Pause and Ponder."
They are, usually, a brief exploration of a single verse.

You know, something to chew on all throughout the day.
One of the meanings of the word "meditating" is "muttering" or to say it over and over again under your breath.

Meditating on Scripture is also likened to "chewing the cud" to the Hebrew people.  Just like cattle chew and chew and chew on grass, etc... We are to chew on the Word.

Ah, but as my mother always told me...take small bites so I don't choke!

There are times when I have and should study large passages of Scripture.

 But it is good to chew on just one verse at a time in order to grow in intimacy with God and His Word.

"Pause and Ponders" have been good, but they usually involve lots of typing which is difficult on days when my body isn't cooperating.

The Midnight Chats can be cumbersome because... well they are done late at night... and on video, which takes time to import then upload. Then there is the storage issue with the bigger files.

But after the "To Encourage One Another" adventure I realized audio/podcasting is fast and pretty simple.

Since "Pause and Ponder"ing is already part of my "repertoire," we're just going to take it "on the air" so to speak.

When there is a new one, I will post it here.  But, hopefully I will have confirmation this week, that this new "channel" will be on iTunes.

It's been exciting to see that the Midnight Chats are not only getting views (over 10,000 now) through Tangle (where they are stored), but also, to see "Subscribers" on iTunes (especially since they've only been there since May).

Exciting... humbling... and a little terrifying to be honest.

I remind myself that nothing is about me and that the Lord can and does use the weak and foolish.

Any whoo, here is the very first podcast of "Pause and Ponder."

I'll keep you posted on the iTunes status-- it is currently under review.
*** Edited*** iTunes was approved :)

And I will do my best to keep them around the five minute mark... no promises though :)

Apple iTunes

Thanks for being here :)


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh Lainie- that was so completely wonderful! You have a great voice and talent for this. Thank you for sharing your heart in this verse. You have given me much to meditate on this evening. I do want to make His deeds known! Because He has done so much for me, how can I possibly hide His light?

Lainie said...

Marsha thank you for taking the time to encourage me. It is a blessing...

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