Friday, May 21, 2010

Speaking of Pencils...

After the post yesterday about pencil sharpeners, a friend left a comment on Facebook about mechanical pencils.  Hold on...just a second...

{{{Hi Kathy!! Love you!}}}

Okay, I'm back.

I was thinking about pencils and the reason we prefer wood pencils to mechanical pencils.

There is something... satisfying about pulling a pencil out of a sharpener and having a fresh, sharp point that a click, click, click of a mechanical pencil doesn't have for me.

This, of course, made me think of wood and wood shavings.

That led to thinking about the Bible and how wood is a picture of our humanity.

Like a pencil, I can become dull and insensitive to the things of the Lord.

And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation
 to all who obey Him,called by God as High Priest 
"according to the order of Melchizedek,"of whom we have much to say, 
and hard to explain, since you have become dull of hearing.
Hebrews 5:9-11

But when I am spending time in the Word, which is sharper than any two-edged sword (Heb 4:12),
 and participating in true Christian fellowship (not simply "socializing") then I will experience "sharpening" as...

"Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." (Pr 27:17)

As my "wood"/ carnal man is shaved away, the inner man/spiritual man is revealed.

I love that pencils are no longer made with lead.  That heavy metal equated with things that are heavy and weigh us down.

Now pencils are made with graphite.

(This is where teaching our children Greek root words comes in handy!  Hee hee)

Graphite's root word is 'graph' which means to write or to draw.

But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel 
after those days, says the LORD: I will put My law in their minds, 
and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.
Jeremiah 31:33

I have the Spirit of the Living God in me and He has written on my heart the Law of His mercy, His love, and His grace, that I may know Him.

Like John the Baptist and my Ticonderoga, I want to decrease (have my humanity shaved away by the sharp & exacting Word of the Lord) that He will be increased... in my life, in my mind, in my heart, and in my reflection.

Now as much as I love a freshly sharpened pencil, I cannot stand a dull pencil.
I'm always sending the kids off to sharpen their pencils usually with a comment of,
"How can you work with a dull pencil?!"

But there are times when I try to work with a 'dull pencil' too.

When I am 'dull' my humanity & carnality inhibit the 'graphite' in me.

My carnal man interferes with the new spiritual creation God has made me.

There is only one cure for dullness of the heart and that is full (and sometimes painful) contact with the sharpening blade of Scripture.

In God's Word I receive correction and training.  In It, I receive new life and fresh passion for Jesus and His Kingdom.

Lord, may I never be afraid to come to You for sharpening.  May I always know that in being sharpened I am also being made useful, as a tool, in Your perfect, scarred hands.

Show me Lord, where my hearing may be dull.

May I decrease that You will increase all to my good and Your glory.



Ann said...

I LOVE sharp pencils and will never look at another one without asking myself, "do you need some sharpening too?" Thank you for the reminder;)

Ann said...

Although I do have to say...I am a mechanical pencil kinda gal. I love the click click click sound knowing that more of what I need is coming soon and I can continue what I need to do as long as I keep my pencil filled. :)

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