Friday, May 28, 2010

Products That Help: My Good Friend- The Multi-Purpose Bin

Let me just start off by saying...

 I {heart} The Container Store

Okay, with that said, I can move on.

You could, but not necessarily should, spend a whole lot of money at any "organizing" store.

There are tons of items I consider "overkill" or as Papa likes to say, 

"A solution to a non-existent problem."

But, we have had a big problem around this "school" that, thankfully, is no longer a problem.

Let's listen in...

"Where is my math book?"

"Has anyone seen my folder?"

"I don't know where my (fill in the blank) is!"

Oh. Dear.

What is a momma to do?

Buy lockers and install them in my home?

Nah, too expensive, too big, and just too... "locker-y"

I did try jumbo magazine holders... and they were too heavy, too awkward, and too expensive.

Then, I discovered these:

This is the picture from their website.

Here is how we use our bins...

Each child has at least two.  One medium-sized bin hold both of their jumbo binders with enough room for a pencil box.

They fit nicely into our cabinets too!

They organize the games...

and the manipulatives...

They store curricula...

But, they aren't just for "school."

Because they are light-weight, sturdy, easy-to-clean, and have handles, I also use them around the house in places like my freezer...

We plan on getting a few more for things like... yarn, Legos, toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc...

I found them at the beginning of the school year (September) and not one has cracked,  split, or broken in any way.

But the best thing?

We've (almost) entirely eliminated the anguished cry of,

"Where is my math book?!"


~Cyndi said...

OK. I only have one kid. This was a nice "how to organize different kids' stuff" post to me until I saw the Bob's Red Mill picture. Shoot. I'm jealous now. I have at least 15 packages of BRM flours in the freezer, White Rice, Brown Rice, Potato, I-could-go-on, not to mention all the different kinds of cereals. They don't make it into Tupperware until it's time to open a bag and put them in the fridge, so I have to flip the bags around like puzzle pieces to get stuff into the freezer. Hmm. I will see if I already own something that will work . . . we just went to Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday, and oh boy . . . they have so much STUFF there! I think my gadget/container budget is done for awhile.

MB said...

You know, I have those big tote things and they do not work. My kids just toss everything in there and then we run into them. So glad you posted these. Did I overlook the price? I need to do something else next year too. My girls math books are bigger bc we use Math U See and I do have a book shelf with all the teacher's manuals on it. I just need to figure out something else for next year. it's so crazy. I feel like a disorganized mess. Thanks for the heads up :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I really want lockers! For real.

Hi, I'm Jami! said...

My heart seriously started beating faster when I saw these. Oh, the things that make us homeschoolers excited!

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