Saturday, May 22, 2010

Products That Help: Meet Mr. Binder

There are several products that have made this homeschooling momma's life a little easier and I thought I'd share them with you.

(Please note: I am not doing/do not do product reviews, etc... and have no benefit from blogging this stuff other than trying to helpful.  Just had to say, y'know?).

Last time, we "met" our pencil sharpeners.  Today we meet...

Mr. Binder

This year was our first year with "good" binders.

They were much more expensive than our regular, cheap binders.

But again, they were worth every penny because having good binders saved us a lot of time and prevented a lot of frustration.

We used to use these type of "economy" binders (which we would purchase from Costco or an office store for approx. $1.25/each):

As you can see, I still use them.

But I use them for things like bank statements, bible study workbooks, etc...

When we used to use them for our student binders, our poor kids would "chase" their slippery, page-protected sheets all over the floor every time they fell out.

They would fall out regularly.

So last year, even though the price difference made me hyperventilate, we purchased these type of binders (the non-sale price is approx. $11.99/each for a 2 inch binder):

These have "D-shaped" rings instead of "round" rings.

And they have a nice, easy to use open "button."

Best of all, they have reinforced rubberized spines and edges that don't split OR stab you in the leg/arm!

Have you not had an injury due to a binder mishap?

It must be us.

Anyway, these binders, called the "Better Binder" at Staples have held up all year with no accidents and no spillage.

Have you tried these?

What binders do you like?

Do tell...


Ann said...

cough, sputter, WHOA! But I am sure they are worth it. Still have battle scars from my binder "attacks"!!!

kimby said...

Have you seen the GBC proclick P50? I posted on my blog about one with a direct link to Office Depot. I love mine and use it all the time, Kim

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