Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dinner Time Devotionals and... Nana!

Ever since our kids were itty-bitty, The Captain has done devotionals with this bible:

He illustrates the bible passage and we all take turns looking at it to guess what story it is or from what part of the Bible it comes.

After we've had our guesses, he reads the verse from that day and does a devotional/explanation of the passage.

As he often does, he decided to do the devotional during dinner.

(Captive audience I guess-hee hee)

So we were all sitting down for dinner, complete with Nana, Papa, and Marimba Sticks.

Tonight's illustration looked like this..

Everyone looked at it and immediately said, "Isaiah!!"

Well, since everyone knew it was Isaiah, he wanted to see just how much of this story they knew.

He pointed to the first picture...

and asked Kurt, "What is happening in this picture?"

Kurt replied, "Isaiah is seeing God on His throne and there are angels there and, and, and he sees the train of His robe!"

At this point, several people at the dinner table start singing,

"I see the Lord, seated on the Throne, exalted.
And the train of His robe fills the temple with

The Captain asked, "What kind of angels?"

Leisl piped in with, "They were either cherubim or seraphim."

The Captain said, "You're right!  They were seraphim.  Now Kurt, what is happening in this picture?"

Nana, unfortunately for her, was sitting right next to me.  She was trying to wrangle more chicken onto her plate and wasn't paying close attention.

Kurt answered, "The seraphim is taking some hot coals..."

I never heard the rest of his sentence.

Nana had lost interest in her chicken long enough to snap her head up and loudly exclaim,


I looked at her, trying very hard to suppress a grin, and said, 

"No Ma. 

Hot. Coals."

"Oh, I thought he said 'Tacos.'  I was gonna say..."

Leisl and I just looked at each other and she told me, "I know, I know," and proceeded to turn around and write it on the whiteboard so I wouldn't forget to blog it.

So in the year that king Uzziah died, Isaiah saw the Lord high and lifted up.

And seraphim flew and retrieved with tongs this...

and not this...



Oh that was simply fantastic! Thanks for the grins and giggles! And the book reference! Captain is a mighty good artist! If we can't draw that well, do you think perhaps stick figures would be equally spiritually inspiring to the kids? LOL! I bet I could draw a pretty good taco though! Ha!

~Cyndi said...

A "Tacos??!!" mug would go nicely in a set with "Octopus??!!" don't ya think? ;)

That is priceless. I love the "I was gonna say . . . "

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...


Family together time is always the most memorable, especially when Nana is around. :)

Lainie said...

Happy Haner Home-- thanks for stopping by and yes, stick figures work great!

Cyndi... I was thinking about having that last picture on the mug somewhere, but yes, I could see a nice set with "Octopus?!"

Hi Marsha {{{waving}}}-- and in response to your request... my daughter has recorded a few of MY very own Nana-isms. Apparently, they are contagious :)

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