Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sewing Ribbons On: An Adventure with Ballet Slippers

It sounded simple enough.

"Remove elastic bands from ballet slippers and sew on ribbons."

I removed the elastics and sewed the ribbons on in their place.

Then they fell off.

I found out that the ribbons needed to sewn much deeper into the slipper than the elastics (which are sewn near the edges of the slipper).

I tried again.

This time they held but the day I finished sewing them, one of my daughters was told that her slippers were actually too small and needed new slippers.


So I removed the ribbons and the elastics from the NEW slippers and sewed, once again, the ribbons in place.

Two or three weeks later, they need the ribbons removed and the elastics put back on.

Did I mention I really dislike hand-sewing?

Fast forward to the following year.

It is now "ribbon time" again.

To both girls, "Please check with your instructor that both of your slippers are fitting properly before we start this process."

Then I started Googling. 

I found one video and it was shot so far away that I still didn't know the proper way to sew these ribbons on.  The instructors at their school would tell me what to do but I needed someone to show me what to do.

Thankfully, a little gal in the neighborhood is ahead of my girls in ballet.  I asked her mom if I could "borrow" her and she came over and walked me through the process.

I promptly handed needles and thread to the girls and together the three of us attached the ribbons.

We shot the video at the time we worked on them.
But I didn't take any pictures at the time we sewed them.  
I did take some today after they have been worn three times a week since early January.

They have held up nicely.
So... here is the first video that shows how to mark the slipper prior to sewing:

And the second video, after the ribbons are attached...

And lots of pictures showing the details.  Remember, these slippers have now been worn three times a week for more than two months.

I hope this helps someone and prevents at least one mommy from having a headache :)


hitherto said...

Why did they need ribbon attached to their ballet slippers?

Lainie said...

Katie you're funny. :)

Um, I'm not positive but I think it's part of preparing them for when they are on pointe shoes.

Ann said...

you have such a lovely video voice:) Maybe you should do knitting videos..or I Bible Studies...maybe you should do them late at night and call them....hmmm..Midnight Chats :)


Lainie said...

Ann... you are too funny. Are you missing a Midnight Chat... we'll see what we can do about that :)

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