Friday, January 1, 2010

Remember, This Was Your Idea

We've talked about it.

We've joked about it.

You've emailed.

Or called me.

Or told me while sitting on my couch ( you know who you are).

Well, I did it.

All profits* will aid my existence when I go on the lam... to hide from Nana.
I don't think Witness Protection will help me, seeing how I didn't actually, like uh, witness anything.

Oh, never mind...

Introducing, "Nana-ware."

View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.

*Just kidding... any profits from the sale of merchandise will be donated.


ruth stiles said...

I absolutely love the "this bugs me crazy" one LOL
Happy New Year!

Ann said...

FINALLY.....:) heeheheheheheh I am going to get the one with your face on it, have papa make me his world famous( least neighborhood famous)latte and sit on your couch, so I get double Lainie beautiful-ness (it's a word...ask katie) and watch you knit or sew your next amazing creation!!!!

Katherine Bailey said...

need a dishes/birth one for kylie!!!

- Kathi

P.S. Love the new look...sooo cannot decide what to do with mine :)

hitherto said...

Love it, and my teeshirt is already on its way =)

Lainie said...

Katie, you are tooo funny! I hope you like your shirt! You'll have to show it to me when you get it. I don't even have one! :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

No hey, no hoy! ROFL!

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