Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heard around our house and Life with Nana

Yesterday, Leisl was making lunch and randomly exclaimed, to no one in particular,

"I love the dictionary!"

To which Brigitta replied,

"I don't. There are too many words all in the same place!"

Alrighty then... moving on to Kurt.

Kurt, because of his ocular motor dysfunction, has a tendency to get very bad headaches. He will often get migraines.

Once, when he was starting to get a headache, he held his head and said,

"Mommy, my brains are too big in my head!"

Poor thing... I know just how he feels :/

And of course, we always have life with Nana :)

I often forget to lower the blinds in our front room after the sun goes down.
With the lights on, our whole front room is visible from the street outside.

Nana will come over and immediately start lowering our shades while muttering something under her breath.

Then she'll walk into our kitchen where our pantry door (which houses our dishes, etc...) is always open and she'll close it and continue to mutter.

I asked her what she was saying once and she said,
"Salido todol bituka!"


"Well what in the world does that mean Nana?"

"It means, "Your intestines are showing!"

Oh dear.
That can't be good.



MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

And what do YOU say, m'dear?

Aren't you glad you don't have a boring family? :)

Kathi Bailey said...

Is loving the dictionary strange...I just told the girls last week how much I heart our old dictionary.

I think it's so neat how your momma just walks over to take care of you guys.I heart your momma too.

see yas soon
- Kathi

Ann said...


Thank you NANA...I needed a good giggle this morning:) eehehehehehe

Lainie said...

Marsha... I will have to ponder that!
And no... we would never be considered boring... at least I don't think so...

Kathi- I love our big blue dictionary too. And yes, we are very loved by our Nana

Annie-- you know Nana is always happy to oblige with a good giggle! :)

Auntie said...

You better get those intestines back in!!!

hitherto said...

Do you think the complete opposite of a headache would be if your brains felt to small for your head????

hitherto said...

too, I meant too not to

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