Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Glad Ware

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If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.
Romans 10:9

“If”= A choice to be made

“You” = It’s personal

“Confess” = admit the truth

“With your mouth”

Ah, let’s hang out here for a minute shall we? There are times when I know one of my children has done something wrong but are reluctant to admit it. I’ll start with the first-line of questioning by asking, “Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

Why do I do this? If I know they did it, why don’t I just walk into the room yelling, screaming, and punishing? Perhaps it is simply not my goal to punish. Instead my goal is to produce.

If my goal was to punish, I would watch my children like a hawk and pounce down on them for every misconduct I could find.

But since my goal is to produce—godliness, respect, love, etc… in my children, I want their correction to be like weed pulling in a garden or cleaning & scrubbing in the house.

When weeds are pulled and counters cleaned off, everything feels better and lighter. Everyone is happy, blessed, and at peace.

Confession does the same thing. Sin in our hearts is like clutter on the countertops. Once there is a “little bit,” it is easy for more to accumulate; what’s the difference right?

Pretty soon everything feels crowded and we’re all crabby.

Now I have a very laid back husband. Clutter doesn’t really bother him. It is truly a blessing on the days I don’t feel well. But the downside is, if he’s not bothered by it, I can let it go for a lot longer than I should.

But at some point, I utter these, now famous in my home words, “That’s it! I can’t stand it any more. It's enough already!” I begin to clean, sort, and most important, purge. When I’m finished I feel as though a tremendous burden has been lifted.

This is what I want, and more importantly what God wants, for our children and ourselves when we confess sin. It’s not enough for us to know in our minds we have chosen poorly.

We must acknowledge and agree with it verbally. Admitting sins with our mouths is like saying, “That’s it! I can’t stand it any more. It's enough already!” and gives permission to the Lord to clean, sort, and, of course, purge bad attitudes, wrong ideas, and destructive behaviors from our lives.

“Jesus is Lord”= Jesus is the boss of me.

“And believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead”
It is so important that we believe in the resurrection of Jesus with all our hearts. For it’s only when we believe, embrace, and delight in Him being raised from the dead that we believe, embrace, and delight in the fact that we will be raised too.

“... you will be saved.

You (remember it’s personal) will (not won’t, not might, but will) be saved.

We are saved from eternal damnation and separation from God.
We are saved from the burden of our sin.

But we’re not just saved from stuff. Yes, we are definitely being rescued.

But more so, we are saved for something.

Let’s go back to the kitchen… think about that last piece of pie that you save for yourself to eat and truly savor and enjoy after the kitchen is clean and you finally get to sit down. It’s nothing but pure pleasure right?

That’s us!

We are being saved for Jesus, as His Bride.

We are saved for eternity with God.

We are saved to give Him praise, honor, and glory.

He is saving us because He loves us and truly delights in us.

I think of salvation through Jesus as the ultimate “Glad Ware.”
We are sealed in Him, for Him, forever.


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