Sunday, May 24, 2009

Please... Don't Miss This.

Hi--I'm here but injured. My impinged nerve(s) are making life a bit of a challenge and sitting/typing more than a few sentences is difficult and painful. I'm praying about what to do about blogging. But whichever way I'm led I will let you know.

Thanks for the emails and Facebook notes. I really appreciate it :)

But I had to come by today to let you know about a video that I just watched.

It is 55 minutes long but worth carving out the time to watch it.

It is called, "Death is not dying; a faith that saves."

May the Lord bless you guys...


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mishmash Family Science: Drum Solo

Join the Mishmash Family and learn how the eardrum works (after Leisl wrestles with a roll of plastic wrap for a few minutes) in this very fun experiment from Genesis For Kids.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sunday at church we sang an old song that was new to me.

Have you ever unexpectedly heard a song that exactly captured what was in your heart?

That was how I felt while we were singing it and I wanted to share it with you.

It's from an album, "The Revelation" © 1986 by the band Daniel Amos. The song was written by Terry Taylor and it's called 'Soon!'

I hope it blesses you...

And the river flows from the throne of God,
Passing by the tree of life
And in this place no candle burns
For the Lamb shall be our light

See the Holy city coming down from heaven
Here, there'll be no tears, no night
We shall reign with Him in raiment shining bright

And we say "Come Lord!" (Jesus quickly come)
And he says "My reward is with Me."
And we say "Come Lord!" (Jesus quickly come)
And He says "I am the first and last"
The Bride cries "Even so, oh when will my Love return?"
We say "Come Lord!"
And He says "Soon!"

We will see His face, He will speak our name
And He'll wipe our tears away
He shall be our God, we shall be his own
And His love will light our way

There will be no sorrow, there will be no mourning
Death is vanquished on that day
"So come quickly Lord," the Bride and Spirit say,

"Come Lord!" (Jesus quickly come)
And he says "My reward is with Me."
And we say "Come Lord!" (Jesus quickly come)
And He says "I am the first and last"
The Bride cries "Even so, oh when will my Love return?"
We say "Come Lord!"
And He says "Soon!"


Monday, May 4, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today, Monday May 4th, 2009...

Outside my window... overcast and gray. At least it's not currently raining. It's raining now :)

I am thinking... about our week ahead of us (busy but good busy) and I'm also thinking about treatment options for these impinged nerves. Does anyone have experience with nortripyline or gabapentin?? I would really prefer to not take either one.

From the learning rooms... we are heading into week 28 and the life of Jonah and Hezekiah.
We'll also learn about the Assyrians and the captivity of Israel--722 BC.

I am thankful for... so much... my hubby giving his testimony at church last night was a huge blessing, that the director at the ballet school is confident our daughter will be able to learn her role in time for the performance (she has a broken toe currently), that my brother is coming!!! for the first time to visit us and that he will be baptized on Sunday (Mother's Day).

The Lord has done and is doing such amazing things in and through our family-- He is so good.

From the kitchen... M- Moroccan Chicken, T- Chicken Guisantes, W- Sol Long Tong, Th- Fajitas and Fri- Spaghetti (I didn't plan on having such an international menu this week! It just kind of happened :D)

I am wearing... jeans, a very bright pink top, brown sweater and yes, you know what are on my feet :)

I am reading... very slowly these days... not usual for me. I've been having a hard time reading lately. I'm sure finding my reading glasses would help...

I am hoping... to spend some time decluttering this week and getting school things tidied up before our week off from school next week.

I am creating... nothing apparently. I've had the same projects on my "To Do" list for weeks but it hasn't happened.

I am praying... for safe travel for my brother, healing for various people, peace and hope for a friend that emailed yesterday, and that our family would rest under the shadow of His wing.

Around the house... laundry today and getting rid of "stuff"-- the need to purge is quickly overriding physical limits... I must find a way to do what I need to do.

One of my favorite things... is hearing about God's faithfulness in the lives of other people. Testimony is so powerful. I just love how everyone has a story and that God's faithfulness is unlimited.

A few plans for the rest of the week... just plugging away at school, the usual lessons for the kids, rehearsal for the girls, a PT appointment tomorrow-- maybe this week I'll fulfill the requirements for the traction unit & get to take it home, hopefully Bible study tonight and
David and Kristina's wedding on Saturday!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

We had a large rainbow last week and our kids insisted I document it :)
An awesome visual reminder of the faithful promises of God.

Have a wonderful week and Happy Mother's Day
to all the mommies out there.


Friday, May 1, 2009

From Ballet Shoe to Soft Shoe

Rehearsals started last week for Alice in Wonderland, the Spring ballet performance the girls were going to perform.

But a funny thing happened on the way... well, just on the way inside the house from the garage.

Brigitta tripped on a boot and broke her toe.

We just got home from the clinic and called the studio. They haven't decided if it's an automatic "out" for Brigitta or if she'll come to rehearsals and mentally memorize her parts and practice like all get out as soon as she has the green light from her doctor.

I must say I am so very proud of her. She understands that she might not perform and even though it's disappointing she understands that some times these things just happen.

When she climbed into the van she told me she didn't need to cry any more and asked me how the song, "Create in me a clean heart" went.

I sang it to her and then sang it with her for the ride home. It was very sweet and gave both of us the peace we need to make it through the rest of this very strange day.

"Create in me a clean heart, oh God.
And renew a right spirit within me.
Create in me a clean heart, oh God.
And renew a right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from Your presence oh Lord.
Take not Thy holy spirit from me.
Restore unto me, the joy of Thy salvation
And renew a right spirit within me."


Footsteps of the Flock: Steering Wheel or Spare Tire?

April 30

And it came to pass after this, that David enquired of the LORD, saying,
Shall I go up into any of the cities of Judah?
And the LORD said unto him, Go up.
And David said, Whither shall I go up?
And he said, Unto Hebron.
2 Samuel 2:1

Here we see a real secret of David's success- why it was that he was used so effectively, why his life had so great an impact that we study him to this day. David was a man who inquired of the Lord.

"Is this the right time to go into the cities of Judah?" David asked.

"Yes," the Lord answered.

"Where should I go?" David asked.

"Go to Hebron," the Lord answered.

When David asked if it was time for him to go into the cities of Judah, God could have said, "Yes. Go to Hebron first."

But He didn't do that. He gave David specific information David asked for and waited until David asked for more.

The Lord does the same with us. He isn't reluctant to give guidance, but there's something more important than guidance. It's called intimacy.

If you've prayed repeatedly for direction concerning a given situation but still aren't sure what the Lord would have you do, perhaps it's because He wants you to come into His presence time and again. He wants you to feel the embrace of His grace.

Corrie Ten Boom asked this pointed question:

"Is prayer your steering wheel, or is it your spare tire?"

May of us pull prayer out of the trunk when we're feeling flat or when there's a blowout. However, prayer ought to be the steering wheel guiding us through the day, keeping us out of the ruts and ditches of life.

Some days I act like I can get through my day without prayer. How dumb of me. Prayer is the highest, most important calling of any believer. It will keep you out of the ditches of depression, the ruts of predictability, the snares of seduction. At the outset of his reign, David models the absolute necessity of prayer.

Looking for something??