Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Week 10 RtR

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In Bible/ History, we studied the first eleven chapters of the Book of Acts which included: Jesus ascending into Heaven, Pentecost, the life of Stephen, and Saul/Paul's conversion.

The girls did the notebooking since they are older.

The first was, "Jewish Pilgrims in Jerusalem at Pentecost- A.D. 30."

Here is Brigitta's (5th gr)

and the detail

And Leisl's (7th gr)


And detail

They also notebooked, "The Early Spread of the Gospel"--


And Leisl's

And a detail--

We are just plugging away memorizing our verses.

Our Latin Root Words for this week were urbs and digitus.

In Science, it was all about bones!

Want to see what a floor looks like after cutting out bones?


And then we made joints.  I don't know if it's all the headaches I've been having but I had trouble figuring out how to do this model.

I think this is correct.  Please let me know if you did something different!


The pivot joint, I think, is the type of joint used in the spine.  The "tube-y" part I'm guessing is supposed to be like a spinal cord.

We still have a few more models from this week to finish up (like the inside of the bone).

We did start Galen and the Gateway to Medicine which has been interesting reading.

In Music, we are supposed to start Mozart but I held off until we finish the Haydn book.

The kids have a violin recital coming up and then Leisl will be taking a very long break from lessons because her back and shoulders are all out of whack.

We did start our read aloud, Twice Freed, and have already had an "incident" with Nana.

We are just working along in our core subjects.

Nothing real exciting, just gettin' 'er dun.


Completely random side note, our neighbor brought home a lift and offered to decorate the ginormous tree that is in between our house and Nana & Papa's house.
We now have strands of lights cascading down and a big star on top.

Very cool!


Anonymous said...

Are all these pictures of activities from the My Father's World curriculum? If so, this looks way better than the Sonlight that I am using.

Lainie said...

Yes they are... we use the Deluxe package and we don't add to it.

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