Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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For today... December 7th, 2009

Outside my window...
it is COLD! I feel like I'm back in the Midwest. Seriously.

I am thinking... about what a goof-ball I am! Why do I wrestle with the Lord, give the Enemy an opening, and make myself miserable? I'm so glad the Lord is long-suffering with me!

I am also thinking there is a whole lot that is going on that I can't see and that trust and obedience to the Lord are of the utmost importance (especially right now).

I am thankful for... the unexpected visit by David and Kristina today. David came and built our very first manger. I never thought I could be so happy not having a Christmas tree. I'm thankful he was also here to help move the couch! :)

Oh, I'm thankful I'm feeling better and I'm especially thankful I don't have the flu.

I am wearing...
jeans, black turtleneck, black cardigan, Sock Monkey hat, and the boiled wool cloggy things.

I am going... to the library tomorrow... must. return. books.

I am reading... sewing/project books in addition to my usual... Footsteps of the Flock, and assorted verses from the bible.

I am praying... for continue strength and energy to serve the Lord and my family. I'm praying Nana gets better soon. And I'm praying for protection while I write these devotionals. Yikes!

I am hoping... for my brain to be still.

I am creating... a few Christmas gifts. The sweater is almost finished. I bought buttons today :)
The DVD cover is almost done, too. I did re-cover this pillow from a sweater I got at Goodwill.

This sweater plus...

this tired pillow equals

this :)

Pondering these words...
"The Lord is good..."

From the kitchen... experiments with the new Demarle Flexible mold pans I just got. These things are incredible!

Around the house...
"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

One of my favorite things~
finding great deals at Goodwill with a good friend!

From my picture journal...

We still need to get fresh branches and straw. Plus, we'll also add more lights but this is our manger so far.


Ann said...

very cool manger and I love the pillow!

Suzanne said...

So inspired by your PILLOW - that is super cool...i might have wanted to wear the cool sweater (is that J Crew?) but the pillow rocks.

And your manger - AYKM - that is the coolest Christmas thingy I've seen this year. I need one too - the guy should start a business.

Blessings to you Lainie! Your blog is always encouraging, so Thank you for spending so much time on it.

MB said...

Ok, first of all...I would love to do without a tree and go right to the manger scene. That is really great and inspiring. I don't think my hubby would be on board with that though!

Second, I love that pillow. You are so crafty. I wish I was like that. And thirdly, are you sure if feels like the midwest? It's snowing here in MN today...and its REALLY COLD! I just want to cuddle on the couch with a blanket. It's so cold.

Lainie said...

Ann! Love you, miss you

Suzanne it wasn't a J.Crew but it did have a very nice fabric content-- wool, angora, cashmere blend... $6.99 at Goodwill.

And David Courson made the manger. I will ask him about making one if you're interested.

Thanks for being so encouraging and very sweet :)

Michelle, seriously, I didn't think we would ever not have a tree. But hubby ran into David and went over to his place and saw the one he built. He was so excited and now we have one!

The pillow was waaaayyy easy because I wasn't starting from scratch and it's all straight sewing.

And I lived in MN for seven years. Yesterday afternoon it was 22 degrees. Yes, it felt like MN. OR doesn't have sunny, clear, really cold days. It's usually cold and damp here.

I couldn't agree more with a cuddle on the couch with a blankie!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Pillow. All kinds of awesome.

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