Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pause and Ponder--Twelve: Six

Matthew 12:6

"But I say to you that something greater than the temple is here."

The temple was the center of worship.  The temple is where the people of God came to give their offerings and sacrifices so that their sins would be forgiven.  The  temple housed the Ark of the Covenant and the tangible presence of the Lord.

What could be greater than that?

Nothing less than God in the flesh-- Jesus.

I thought this post would simply be list of all the ways that the temple is a picture of Jesus.

For example--

• He is our burnt offering, our peace offering, and our goodwill offering.

• Table of shewbread? He is the Bread of Life.

• Lampstand?  He is the Light of the World.

The pictures go on and on... He is The Gate, The Door, the High Priest that ministers, and He is The Veil that was torn.

But the beginning of the verse kept tugging at my heart...

"But I say to you..."

He was saying to me, " I say to you...Lainie Magsarili, that when you walk into church tomorrow morning you are going to be distracted.

You will be distracted by the potluck afterwards.  You will be thinking, "Will there be enough food?  Will it taste good?"

You will be distracted by the new coat you bought at the Goodwill tonight because you will be thinking, "Oooh, I can't wait to show Kristina!"

You will be distracted by all the thoughts and concerns that swirl through the head of a mother of three on a Sunday morning.

You might miss it, Beloved.  So tonight, here, right now, this is your reminder... that when you walk into church tomorrow (and every Sunday)--

I AM there.

I hear you singing... and it makes Me smile.

I see your face tilted up to Mine and I see your hands reaching up to Me.

I AM Yahweh Shammah-- "The Lord is there."

I AM with you and your family as you take communion and confess your sins and rejoice in My blood.

I AM with you and your family as you, by faith, place your tithes and your offerings into My hands.

I AM with you when you smile at the new couple and the children as they play.

I AM with you...

don't forget to let your heart and your mind be there, with Me, too.


Ann said...

Loving that reminder...can't wait to see the coat!! I am sure it was tastey and so glad that you were able to know and remember the Lord is and was with you!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the reminder. Been really struggling with my church lately and you have reminded me that it's all about HIM - not the other distractions that pull at me.
it's. all. about. HIM.

thanks, Lainie-

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