Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Most Unusual Christmas

I should have suspected it was going to be an unusual Christmas when we received--

a hand-painted coconut from Hawaii.  Thank you again Tammi, we love it!

Although, I did receive many practical things that I really wanted--

a casserole dish from Brigitta

and books from the Captain, like this one--

 (I took and emailed a picture of the book I wanted. He was very appreciative!)

We also received thoughtful, unique gifts like this ferret-carrier made by Stacey Bug for Mr. Darren.

In addition to the waaaayyyy comfy, soft towels from Tita and Hertsel, we received new shoes from my sister-in-law, Joyce, that works for the Asics corporation.

It's not everyday you get a pair of 'kicks' with characters at a sushi bar on them--

But I have to say, the most...uh, unusual gift to make it into our home was one given by Nana to me.

I saw it at the airport back in July and made a comment about it.

Then I forgot about it.

Nana didn't.

She has waited since July to present me with my very own,

one of a kind,

head turning,

 comment collecting,

purse that is...


look for yourself--


Yes, a chicken bag!

It's not everyday you get to pull your wallet out of a chicken!

What about you?  Did you get any unusual gifts this Christmas??

If so, do tell!


Anonymous said...

Sarah and I think the chicken purse is very cute!


Katherine Bailey said...

Uh...you got us beat!

We LOVE the purse :)

- Kathi, Kylie and Korinne

ruth stiles said...

you can call it your "cool chick bag" hahahahahahaha

Lainie said...

Thanks guys!!

Oh Ruth I love it!!! I'm such a cool "chick" bahahahaha

~Cyndi said...

Lainie - mfwrocks just posted on the message board that it is illegal to enter Wisconsin with a chicken on your head. I just thought I should warn you.

Lainie said...

Thanks for the warning Cyndi! I'll be sure to keep my purse off my head at all times :)

hitherto said...


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Nothing could ever never ever compare with that purse!!! OH MY WORD.

Looking for something??