Friday, December 11, 2009

From The Inbox

• What is that tool you used on the "Dem Bones" video and where do you get one?

The tool is called "Crop-A-Dile" and the kit I bought looks just like this one:

What is nice about this tool is the ability for it to quickly and easily punch through book board.
It has two adjustable guidebars (to set depth) for hole punches.  After your hole is punched, you can place an eyelet in the hole and the tip of the tool smushies it together.

I use this tool for our timeline pieces as well.

I purchased mine at Paper Zone.  But I do know they carry it at Michael's.  I'm sure most craft stores would have one.  They also have a Big Bite version (on my wishlist) that can place an eyelet in the middle of a piece of paper.

• What software did we use to make our movie and other videos?

Funny, Leisl and I both want Final Cut (movie making software).  However, we felt we were supposed to use what has already been provided to us when we worked on the film.

So all that to say we use iMovie, which is preloaded on our computer.

• You guys are sweet to ask about my Dad (Papa) and my brother, Joel.  Both are doing well health wise.  Papa is continuing to eat as he should and exercise.  He lovingly serves our family and seems to have made a complete recovery.  Praise the Lord!

My brother is doing okay.  I'm actually not sure if he has made any progress with changing his diet but he has remained "quit" from cigarettes.  Baby steps... baby steps are good :)  No other incidences since his last admission a few months ago.

• And lastly, we aren't "anti-Christmas tree."  I have been praying for the Lord to show us, as a family, how to celebrate the birth of His Son in a more meaningful way.  Everything just fell into place to have our friend David make a manger for us.

I have to say, it is just about impossible to walk by it without thinking about Jesus and His birth.  I never experienced that with a tree.

But, I think that anyone the celebrates the birth of our Savior is doing just that... celebrating.  Whether it is with a tree or without, with an Advent calendar or without, with a Navity scene or without.. we are celebrating a person, our Savior, our Bridegroom Jesus.

May we give Him all the glory He is due.

As an update... the manger is coming along nicely :)

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MB said...

I seriously love that manger! It is the most awesome thing I've seen in a very long time. I'm not anti-Christmas tree either, but I would love to do this one year...if only I knew a wood worker :)

Thanks for the tips on the tool and movie maker. God bless.

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