Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beware of Postmen with Packages

There once was a family of Klusewitz name
To our side of the Island, to meet us, they came.

We hit it off well and had lots of good fun.
But it was such a short visit in the tropical sun.

With email and blogging to us they are near.
Funny stories, cool pictures, and recitals we hear.

Now kindness and giving the ocean can't stop.
They sent boxes of cookies, down our throats we did drop.

But Christmas was coming, what could they do
To show us some kindness and Christmas cheer too?

"Aha," said Mom Tammi with a gleam in her eye.
A clever idea one day she did spy.

So carefully, carefully, with brush in her hand
She painted and painted out as she planned.

Then finally it was finished, a master piece, yes!
To us she would send it, to us she would bless.

To the post office she ran, with a box from her hut
And now here in Oregon our own...

Painted Coconut!!!


Tammi Kay said...

No one has EVER written me a poem before! (Unless you count "Roses are red..."

You are so sweet. We love you all!!!!!

Lainie said...

Are you kidding me? We love you guys-- you sent us a COCONUT!!

Of course, Nana did say, "I want one!!!!"

Don't worry-- we'll share :)

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