Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Apple Isn't Far From The Tree

We were all in a punchy mood yesterday.

Okay maybe not all...

just me.

Anyhoo, Marimba Sticks was over and needing name ideas for a story she is writing.

I took it as an opportunity to play name association.

Someone would shout out, "Archie!"

I would say, "Bunker!" And proceed to imitate the characters from the '70's TV show.

Someone would say ,"Buck!"

I would say,"Rogers! Beedee, beedee, beedee, helllloooo Buck."

You get the idea.

Someone shouted out, "Andrew!"

And I said, "Andrew Lloyd Weber!"

Then, Leisl said, "Isn't that the guy who wrote the dictionary?"


"Nana is that you?"


Oh my.

Apparently, the grand-apple isn't falling too far from the tree.

After all our silliness we decided ice cream was in order
(since it was a balmy 20 something degrees out)

so we piled into the van, went to the grocery store, and came home and enjoyed our treats.

I picked out Ben and Jerry's Banana Split-- So good...


~Cyndi said...

Leisl said that?! Cute!

(I think maybe her brain was already a bit chilly without the ice cream. That wouldn't have happened in August. I'm having frozen brain fog myself lately.)

kreativekoosa said...

That was such a fun evening! Luckily you had another old person there...me. So I got all the cultural references. :) Hee hee. Also....I miss, miss, miss my yummy Lemon Custard ice cream. Can I come visit it soon?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...


i love your family.

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