Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10, 152 Pennies So Far

We made an appointment to go to the bank today!

Brigitta has collected more than 10,000 pennies so we brought a cart full to the bank to be counted.

Let me tell you--- 10,000 pennies are heavy!!!

Thankfully, we remembered our rolling cart that we use for library books and that made the going easier.

Here Brigitta is waiting for the bank to finish running the pennies through the automatic coin counter. What takes her hours to count, the bank did in 10 minutes.

Here are the bags of pennies after being counted and before they went into the vault.

And a close-up of Brigitta with the check to God's Word for the Nations. The bank was kind enough to donate the fees they usually charge for a cashier's check.

Go Key Bank! Go Brigitta!

We will mail the check off this week and she will continue to collect her next 10,000 penny batch.

She is one step closer to her one million penny goal.

Great job Brigitta! We are very proud of you :)


Meghan said...

That's so cool! I haven't seen your daughter in a while... she's turning into quite the little lady. :) Very beautiful!!

Tammi Kay said...

So, you want to know how crazy I've been with Christmas prep? I've lost all mental faculty. - When I was reading your post, I was wondering the amount of the check.

Ummmm, yeah, I should be a home school mom because my math skills are top notch!

Āūtīe Cīndīe said...

Good job......very proud of you. You go.....I could give you a bunch of pennies but it would cost more than the pennies to send them to you. We'll have to figure something out....hey I know maybe you can come and get them!!!

Lainie said...

Meghan--thank you!

Tammi-- hee hee

Cindy-- I think you should come here! Soon!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Woohoooooo! Great job! That is so awesome!

Ann said...


I have a bunch to start you on your way to your next 10,000!

Looking for something??