Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Week 9 RtR

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In Bible this week- we learned about John the Baptist, looked at Jesus' temptation in the wilderness, His death, and His resurrection.

It's been a brief look at His life and we will return to study His life in more depth after we delve into the Middle Ages.


(This is the first time he was able to notebook without first dictating to me and him copying the words from a page. He actually wrote it out and did great simply asking how to spell certain words. He is progressing nicely! Only 3 more eye therapy sessions to go! Whoo-hoo :D

Leisl didn't quite get to hers this week but will work on it Monday. (Right, Leisl??)

We are continuing to practice our memory verses--

And the children have almost completely memorized Isaiah 53.
I'll video a recitation as soon as they are ready :)

In History, we learned about Germanic tribes and the rule of Caesar Tiberius as we said our final farewell to Caesar Augustus. The kiddos did more coloring sheets from Augustus Caesar's World as well as their regular notebooking pages--

Our Latin Root words were frater and populus.

In Science--





To help Kurt with his notebooking, I often enlarge the picture from the science book and he uses a light table to trace it. I thought he did a fine job!

He is also doing great in math although he was nervous about starting a new section.

This week he learned more about measuring and was very excited after finishing his first lesson in this section :)

We are plugging along everywhere else. We are going to attempt four days next week since we are only going to be in week 10 (yea for double-digits).

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Ann said...

Looks like a good week:) I LOVE all the 3d pictures of the body parts that are taped in your dining room window:) hheheehhehe It felt like someone was "watching" me:)

Ann said...

And what is it that makes handwritten Scripture verses that make them seem more personal? Even if someone else writes them.

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