Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Week 8 RtR

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In Bible this week, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus fled to Egypt to escape Herod.
We continued to read about Herod's death and Jesus' return from Egypt.
Today we'll read about Him at the temple.

We talked about how Jesus' existence in that region would have been a miracle in and of itself simply because all His "peers" would have been killed by Herod years prior.

It reminded me of Moses and that he would have also been without peers since all the other babies were killed by Pharaoh.

We talked about Joseph's obedience to God and God's faithfulness to deliver and guide them.

We looked up what Nazareth means in Greek and discovered it's meaning is unknown. Leisl pointed out that Nazareth had a reputation for being a "nothing" town right down to the fact that it's very name didn't mean anything of significance.

In History, we learned about Roman armies-- what they wore, how they were divided, how much their packs weighed (90 pounds), how much they walked in a day (20 miles), where they camped and the activities they participated in during off hours.

We decided we're glad we aren't in the Roman army. I know for sure... I'm too wimpy!

In Science, we made a model of skin!!

Coloring some big "hair" (hee hee)

Fat cells!

Coloring fat cells was very tedious!
This model is double the size of previous models.

Here are pictures from left to right...

Here is the model completed.
This is mine that I did ahead of time so they could see what the finished model was supposed to look like.
I should have made my hair darker.
Someone in the house (not naming names) said it looked right because it looked "gray, just like yours Mommy!"

It's a good thing I like my gray hair!

Detail of a pressure receptor--

Detail of a pain receptor--

An oil gland and part of a sweat gland--

****We interrupt this Weekly Homeschool Highlight report to bring you
an urgent picture of our sleeping mascot on the couch--

**** We now resume our blog post already in progress***

I had them notebook the receptors too--
I thought Kurt's was very cute!--

In God and the History of Art, we finally got to use a Marker Card.
I was so impressed with Brigitta's penmanship exercise. This is the child that had severe fine motor issues (in addition to almost five years of speech therapy).

We're very thankful that the Lord provided therapy for her and continues to bless her efforts.

The black letters are printed for the student.
They are asked to practice the letters with markers of different colors.
We weren't sure this is what they meant but it sure looks pretty :)

In Music, we're continuing to listen to selections by Haydn. Here Leisl colored in her "Cello" sheet--
We're plugging along in spelling--

Oh, I almost forgot... our Latin Root Words for this week were "pater" and "mater" meaning father and mother respectively.

Everyone is chugging along in Math as well.

The only other thing I wanted to share was this--

Kurt's Primary Language Lesson #106-An Acorn, is about an acorn that grows to a big tree, is cut down, floated down a river to the sawmill. It is later transported by train, then wagon, and eventually used for flooring in a "fine house."

His assignment was to narrate the story and illustrate it. I thought he did such a good job!

With the eye therapy, chiropractor visits, and most importantly, the Lord's grace on him, something has "clicked" recently. He has so much more stamina for seat work than he did last year.

It is very rewarding to see him working hard without all the tears.

He still needs more re-direction than I prefer but, overall, he is doing very well this year.
I'm so glad we didn't push the three Rs last year. Instead, he concentrated on his eye therapy (for ocular motor dysfunction) and it paid off.

Boy! We've had a good week. I'm eager to get to double-digits though so...
Week 9 here we come.


Heather said...


I just wanted to THANK YOU for posting your summaries and the Linky thing each week. I really appreciate reading your ideas and seeing the pics and videos. Maybe, just maybe, one of these weeks I'll get on the ball enough to post a link, with the disclaimer that me and The Body Book are starting to not be friends so there will not be any pretty body model pictures.

Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and encourage you to keep plugging along! We just finished up Week 12 of RtR. I don't know about you, but I lovin' this time period much more than CtoG. Might be me.

MB said...

Wow, I love all the details and pictures. So cool! I am eager to start next year!! Great job! I posted this on my blog, but here is that link: It only goes up to grade 5. I find it useful since my daughter needs work on things like Onomatopoeia and figurative language and opinion vs. fact. Those things are areas she doesn't do well in and its really my fault for taking a lax view of language arts. UGH. Wish I could go back in time!

hitherto said...

Hey Lainie, just wanted to say that I had so much fun hanging out with Liesl and Kurt yesterday =) Also, I was thinking that if you were serious about taking your picture having all of you in sock monkey's, you should also dress Mr.Darren like a sock monkey =)

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