Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There are a few things I miss about Facebook...

One of the things I miss about Facebook is flair.

I have a sweet friend that always sent me flair.

Sometimes they were funny.

Often they were sweet.

Once in awhile, deeply profound flair would make it's way to my wall.

I was happily surprised to check my email today and I found flair waiting for me!

How fun is that?

There isn't really a flair "gadget" in blogger so I might have to make a page for flair.

But until that happens, I just have to share my new flair from Katie-kins--


ruth stiles said...

you aren't on facebook anymore either? join the club! it was way too time consuming....how is school going this year?
we decided to send Gabe to the public prek...he loves it. there are 16 kids in his class and he goes 11:30-2PM.
anyways...have a BLESSED thanksgiving!

Lainie said...

RUTH! How are you? I do miss keeping up with people but I needed to let it go.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger :)

I hope your Thanksgiving is very blessed too.

Ann said...

I am so glad Katie sent it to you!!! We thought that was so PERFECT for your and Leisl!!!

Lainie said...

Hey Ann... concentrated like All Small and Mighty-- hee hee

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

:) Awesome.

I don't do flair. Never quite figured it out and spent enough time on FB playing Scrabble and other games against my siblings.

The Man Crew said...

OH my...I need that flair, I'm only 4 and a half feet tall...I'm SUPER concentrated Awesome...LOL! Enjoy your flair! If I had any will power, I'd get off FB too, but I keep telling myself that it's a great way to keep in touch with the family and friends across the country. And it is...but it's also a time sucker...ha! So, for now, I'll work on my will power by spending LESS time on FB. Have a great week!

Lainie said...

~K~ It's all yours!!!

I hope you have a blessed week too :)

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