Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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FOR TODAY..November 17th, 2009

Outside my window... it is chilly and dark but at least it was dry today. We had quite the storm last night!

I am thinking... about schedules and the holidays and traditions and the Lord's will.

Yes, my brains are full :)

I am thankful for... oh boy, a lot!

#1) I am thankful that the Lord reminded me that I didn't do the last thing I was supposed to. I have been feeling "stuck," spiritually speaking, for the last two weeks. It was like a limbo feeling... not going backwards but definitely not moving ahead either. On Saturday morning, He very gently reminded me that I hadn't taken care of purging old art supplies.

I hadn't realized how much I was holding on to that season of my life and that... identity? I guess. I also had no idea I had that much stuff.

Oh. my.

I pulled it all out and Stacey-bug came over and helped me sort it all out.
The Oregon School of Arts and Crafts is going to take all the really good stuff (photographic easel, pad making press, a sewing loom for hand-sewn bookbinding, etc...).

Although the initial thought of letting it go was hard, the more I pulled out and saw all the things I had that I haven't used in more than a decade, the easier is was to let go.

#2) I'm really, really thankful that our Pastor asked us to host a home fellowship on Sunday. We were so blessed. The Captain let me lead worship with him so I got to test drive my box drum! So. Fun.

#3) After all the cleaning and lifting on Saturday my body was all wonky. I am very, very thankful that the BFF (Andrea) came over on Monday and gave me a really long and effective massage. I could barely walk before she worked on me and now? I feel great!

Plus, she made me two new hats!!

My Sock Monkey hat--

And a Hello Kitty hat--

I am wearing... black leggings, a purple dress that is more like a long top, a black button-up top (that is unbuttoned) over the dress and my Sock Monkey hat.
Oh, and over-the-calf Ugg boots. Yes, I am quite the sight :)

I am going... no where out of the ordinary this week. Yeah for me! We went to the library this evening and swapped out our 100 lb book basket for a few pounds less books (hee hee).

I am reading... my One Year Bible (KJV), Footsteps of the Flock, different knitting patterns, and Francis Schaeffer's How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture.

It is startling how the end of the Golden Age of Rome looks a LOT like 2009 in the United States of America. I ponder how our culture and country will change in the next few years (should the Lord tarry).

I am pondering these quotes... from the Schaeffer book. In speaking about Rome prior to it's fall, "The gods (that they worshipped) were amplified humanity, not divinity... These gods depended on the society which had made them, and when this society collapsed the gods tumbled with it... Self-initerest became more significant than social interest, however sophisticated the trappings."

But these were the two quotes that really struck me, "Apathy was the chief mark of the late Empire... The elite abandoned their intellectual pursuits for social life."

I am hoping... we, as the body of Christ, are ready for His return and are being faithful to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, study His Word, and pray so that we can do His will.

I'm also hoping I have a properly working digestive system some day soon.
How random was that??

I am praying... for so many... families that are hurting or at least struggling and Papa's mom who will most likely be face to face with Love Himself very, very soon.

From the kitchen...
Nana, bless her sweet little heart, made dinner last night and tonight so I could recover.

Around the house... it is looking not too bad. We are getting windows replaced tomorrow so furniture is moved away from the windows involved but I made de-cluttered a ton out of the loft in addition to clearing out all my art stuff that was next door at Nana's house. I used to have an office/workspace in their spare bedroom but Nana has now claimed it for itself :)

We hope that the new windows (especially in the kids' rooms will help us regulate the temperature. When winter comes, their rooms are so cold at night. Kurt's asthma doesn't like cold one bit so hopefully this will help.)

One of my favorite things~ hearing a group of people worshipping the Lord in our home.
It is my most favorite thing ever.

I am creating... assorted knitted items and a website for my husband's work still.
But I did finish Nana's scarf. Whew, finally. See the Picture Thought below...

Picture thought...


Abigail said...

You look very prettiful in the hat pictures, Mommy! The Hello Kitty hat is soooo you.
You know the funny thing is I didn't give a second thought to your clothing combinations. It looked normal to me :) You looked nice anyway!

Oh yeah thanks for reminding me to go read that stack of books I got! heheh...

Love you!

Ann said...

Beee-u-teee-full! You are a stunner, you are! You make the hats look goooooooood:) ehheheheeh

It is amazing how much we are like Rome and it WILL be very interesting to see what happens with that. Please come quickly Lord Jesus!!!

Nana's scarf is soooo long:) ehheheheh Too cute. I bet she LOVES it!!!

Your house looks fabulous by the way.
And I agree...there is nothing like a group of people worshipping the Lord!!!
I bet you did a fantastic job on the box drum:)

Heather said...

Ummm, is there anyway (your) BFF Andrea has another sock monkey hat laying around that she could sell me? Because that is the absolutely perfect gift for my sister.

And, total agreement on the Rome thing. I mark pages in Streams of Civ. to read to my husband when he gets home each day.

Lainie said...

Heather I will ask her!

Ann said...

Hi Heather...I can do that:) If you want to email me your address I can send it to you. It might be a week or two...:) My email address is nannyandi@yahoo.com

~Cyndi said...

That is the longest scarf and the cutest nana I have ever seen!

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