Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY..November 2nd, 2009
(it's actually late Sunday night... It's going to be a busy day tomorrow)

Outside my window... I hope to hear the last Trumpet sound and the Year of Jubilee begin... but in case the Lord's return isn't this week I believe we will have partly cloudy skies in the high 50's. Perfect Fall weather :)

I am thinking... about the Lord's return and/or all the possible changes this country will experience while we wait...

I'm thinking about being "found" a faithful, diligent servant and a bride with "oil in my lamp" ready for her bridegroom. Now is not the time for sleeping (spiritually). Physically, I could always use a nap!

I am thankful for... the support of our friends, family and church family. We are so, so blessed by the people around us. I'm thankful that the last showing was full and wonderful in spite of a little techno-glitch that caused us to be late starting.

I am wearing... jammies... almost time for bed.

I am going... away with my hubby to a B and B in Washington this weekend and I cannot wait!

I am reading... my One Year Bible (KJV), Footsteps of the Flock and different knitting patterns :)

I am hoping... for comfort for those with hurting hearts, conviction for those that have grown cold in their love of the Lord, and continued pursuit of the Lord's business for those of us that call Jesus, Lord.

I am praying... for healing for Nana's finger, sensitivity to the Spirit for my children, blessing for my husband and my Papa, and for myself... to grow in temperance.

From the kitchen... I should probably start thinking about a menu, huh? Hold on... be right back!

Okay... I went digging around and I think I'll do these Crockpot Korean Ribs for dinner Monday night, Tuesday... soup, definitely a soup... not sure which one yet... Wednesday I'm thinking bean burritos. That's right, beans. Okay moving on... Thursday- chicken something and Friday I think I'll have Nana cook! How's that for a plan? I better go to bed... I'm getting delirious.

Around the house... it was another busy weekend and our house is a reflection of that. We have lots of laundry and cleaning up to do... I don't want things too out of order while we're away for the weekend.

One of my favorite things~ the potlucks we have at church one Sunday a month. I love sitting down and sharing a meal with our "family."

I am creating... my very first sweater...

Picture thought...

This is a scarf I'm working on for Nana. Isn't the pattern beautiful in the sunlight?
Actually, just seeing sunlight at this time of year is beautiful with or without the scarf!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope your week is blessed :)


Kathi said...

Lainie you're so creative. And Super...putting on a movie and knitting sweaters all at the same time...makes me sleepy just thinking about it :)

A Gracious Home said...

Going away with hubby. That sounds like so much fun. I have never been to a b and b although we have some here in the Ozarks. Your pictures are great. Have a wonderful time. Doylene

Erna said...

Hi Lainie! I have to get caught up here but was stopping by to try and find a link to your timeline to share with someone on the MFW Yahoo Group. Have you ever considered adding the search application from Blogger? If it's here, I don't see it. Just point my weary eyes in the right direction if it is. ;0) I'll send her to your site anyway and maybe she can go through your homeschooling posts. :0) Have a GREAT day!

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