Thursday, November 5, 2009

Midnight Chat: Labour of Love

It's definitely November.

Does it feel "hard" for you too?

I recently watched the first Midnight Chat titled, "When It's November and It's Hard."

Although it was a blessing and a good reminder, the Lord knew I needed something else to grab a hold of this year.

A brief devotional on Hebrews 6:10-12,19

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Ann said...

Good Word Miss Maggie:)

I think I needed to be reminded I just need to do the next right thing. I have had this running list of things to do, things I should be doing and I do believe smoke has been spotted coming out of my ears:) But I find that I don't feel like I am doing anything well. So it is a good reminder to slow down, and ask the Lord what would HE have me do in this moment. Lay the list aside and ask for one thing at a time and do that. So simple, should be routine by now...but tents are haaaaard and I forgetful. But God is gracious and faithful.

Thank you for your words of wisdom:) Nice to see you "animated" on here again:) eheheh

Love you

Michelle said...

You are so cute! I always thought of doing something like that, but being the negative person I am, I don't think I'd come off as sweet sounding as you! I love your mite story! Well the Bible's mite story. It sure gave me a different perspective. I know what you mean about being slothful. During the last hour or so of school, I often feel myself getting really sick of the day so I migrate towards the computer or I start doing stuff that doesn't pertain to school. Today I started doing that and I realized I wasn't completing the task at hand. I had to just be really diligent about not going near those things and finishing the day out well. Thank you for sharing your heart. Great job!

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