Monday, November 30, 2009

Life with Nana... during read aloud

The Captain came home early enough for us to have read aloud tonight.

That is rare for a Monday so we were excited and gathered in the living room.

Nana was settled in, all nice and cozy, leaning against Papa.

Karl started reading Chapter 3 of our current read aloud,
Twice Freed by Patricia St. John.

"Onesimus acknowledged his favour as ungraciously as he dared. He could not understand Archippus these days. He was growing at an alarming rate and at fifteen was almost as tall as his father, and he alternated between snubbing and humiliating Onesimus in every possible way and then seeking him out and trying to regain their old comradeship and offering him presents."

(Nana's eyes were closed as she sat and listened.)

"But he might as well have tried to be friendly with a brick wall, and he little knew how every slight and wounding word was being stored up in the boy's memory. Archippus had become to him the symbol of his slavery, and he hated him with all the strength of his proud young heart.

Archippus sighed. ---"

At this point, when we are all very involved in the story, Nana suddenly sat upright, with her eyes wide open and said,


Uh, no Nana, it's Archippus. Ar--ke--pus. Not octopus.

"Oh. Yeah, Archippus. It sounded like octopus. Hee hee."

How we made it through the rest of the chapter I will never know. Every time we had to read,
"Archippus" we would all start to giggle.
Then the Captain and Papa would tell us to shush--
Only to have us giggle again the next time.


Ann said...

hehehehhehehehhehe I can see it playing in my mind like a video:)

love the winter background!!!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

ROFL! Nana is awesome. I love her even though I've never met her. :)

~Cyndi said...

LOL! (followed by *giggle*) It does sorta sound like "octopus" you know.

But why didn't she raise her hand first?! *crossing my legs laughing*

My love to Nana - she makes me feel so happy!

MB said...

Your Nana sounds so fun and sweet. I would love to have someone like her around my house somedays when I'm being a grump! I love this little glimpse into your day :)

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