Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones...

The Mishmash Family make a model of a skeleton.

"De foot bone connected to de anklebone
De ankle bone connected to de leg bone
De leg bone connected to de knee bone
De knee bone connected to de thigh bone
Oh hear de word of de Lawd!"


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

:) Your homeschool is so fun!

Come to my house to build skeletons. We can put glow in the dark paint on them and really have some fun!

Ann said...

very fun:) I love the sounds of the typewriter and stuff. And of course Kurt is ALWAYS entertaining. hehhehehe

crystal said...

You guys still make me smile and laugh! Thanks MishMashfamily.

signed, just and only a fan in Memphis

MB said...

That was so cute. Your son reminds me very much of my 7 year old. She gets a little too carried away at times when we do projects..she likes to jump the gun and its really funny to see some of the things she comes up with. I love the comparison to Jesus. I will be coming back here next year when we to R2R. Can't wait. Great job!! By the way, where did you get that little tool?? I always love things that make crafts easier. Oh and what program do you use to make videos?

Sherri said...

Where can I find this activity? You mentioned a "book." I use AO Lifepacs for science and we are currently studying the skeletal system. I would love to do this.


Lainie said...

Sherri, I left a comment on your blog on how to locate the book!

Looking for something??