Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Friday October 23rd, 2009

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We so didn't do school this week except for Monday. We have no school highlights of our own from week 6.

Instead of school we--

• dressed up the ferret

• Leisl continued to edit

• Marimba Sticks continued to compose

• Nana suggested a violin rack to house all our instruments so I designed one and Papa built it

• I got my hair cut, my teeth cleaned and checked, my eyebrows waxed and my neck adjusted.

It was a week of errands and cleaning and catching up. I purged a ton of "Stuff" and rearranged furniture.

Nana wanted to swap desks-- she really liked a tiny roll top desk we weren't using and offered to give me a little white desk in exchange. I accepted the offer and now I have my own little cozy yarn place in my bedroom--

This is a yarn baller (so you don't have to email me to ask :).

Definitely the verse I need for this weekend.


I can't wait to see what you guys have been up to. Have a great weekend! And may the Lord bless you :)

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Julie said...

Busy week! Looks like you got a lot done. Great job on the purging and organizing, my mom would LOVE that desk for holding yarn. She has so much it's in boxes and she can't remember what she has lol. :)

Michelle said...

I loved that you dressed up the ferret. That cracked me up. And you guys look so technical there with all your movie and music software stuff. Wow, I'm impressed! You so did a ton of school...just not curriculum! Because school is life. And life is school. And you, dear woman, did that! Great job. We didn't do school either. We laid on the couch all week and tried to stay well :).

Kysha said...

Love it! The ferret is just too cool! You had an awesome week!

Ann said...

What a crazy wacky week, but hey, your teeth look clean, your eye brows are looking fine, your neck is moving, your haircut is fabu! And that is a snazzy snazzy yarn desk. You know me and "containment" that is a fun way to display and yet contain. Woohoo:)

BTW....the movie was worth all the work. You all did a great job!!!!

Leah C said...

I love the ferret's clothes! Looks like a productive week.

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