Friday, October 2, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Friday October 2nd, 2009

MFW Blog Roll

The link is now open. It's been a goofy week for us. Hopefully, I'll get my own Highlight post ready soon. Until then I look forward to seeing what you all have been up to.

If you know any homeschooling bloggers that might want to participate, feel free to invite people.

The more the merrier I say!

Linky will stay open until midnight Sunday.

Have fun!

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm having a little grammar snafu with our 7th grader.

If you have/had an older child, would you mind leaving me a comment telling me what grammar you use/used?

I'm just curious about what is out there.

Thanks in advance :)

Don't forget to link back here with your button:

And please link to your "Highlight" post URL (permalink) and not simply your blog address.

Thanks everyone!

MFW Blog Roll



Michelle said...

Hi! I just noticed the code isn't on here. I got it from another post. I will probably post mine tomorrow. I'm not done with the school week yet and we are contemplating if we will be building a Sukkah or not. It's been raining here all week! Bummer. So we'll see. Thanks for doing these. I think its so fun.

Lainie said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for pointing out I didn't have the "button" on here. It's up now.

I hope you do the Sukkah! It was such a blessing to our family.

Kysha said...

Hi, Lainie! We're using Winston Basic Grammar this year. However, it's strictly grammar. No punctuation or writing but the gang loves it. Hope you find something that works for your little lady. :-)

Julie said...

I have always used Abeka's grammar program with great results. :)

Cellista said...

No grammar recs, I just thought I'd say hi and that I'm joining in this week. I missed the cutoff last weekend, but I always enjoy reading what others are doing in their homeschools.

Michelle said...

Hi Lainie. Just wanted to let you know that I now have a new blog. My hosting plan was up and I thought I should name my blog more appropriately. Anyway, you can check it out when you get a chance. I don't want to lose all my readers!

Anonymous said...

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