Monday, October 26, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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FOR TODAY...October 26th, 2009

Outside my window... rain, rain, rain and more rain, rain, rain. Welcome to Portland--squeegee any one?

I am thinking... about Thanksgiving and Christmas, lists and cards, chores and activities

I am thankful for... the Lord being so faithful to us this past weekend. The premiere was awesome, the second showing went great too, and we know He will bless the third one as well.

I'm also thankful for our first home fellowship last night. It was a really rich time.

I am wearing... oh, you're gonna love this... it is 11:22 am and I am wearing rubber ducky flannel pajamas and my trusty lilac Ugg boots and I don't plan on taking them off today until it's time to drop the girls at ballet. It is cold and gray and very gloomy outside :)

I am going... no where!!! My calendar is blissfully empty this week except for the usual lessons for the kids.

I am reading... same as last week-- my One Year Bible (morning), Footsteps of the Flock (before bed) and continuing to work through my grammar book :)

I am hoping... to get caught up on sleep and cleaning. I am exhausted.

I am praying... for several friends that seem to be in a tough place right now. I'm also praying for all us home school moms-- it's almost November and I am praying we wouldn't be weary in well doing.

From the kitchen... (insert crickets chirping here)

Around the house... getting back into the school groove is going to take priority over household stuff. I will attempt both but no promises :)

One of my favorite things~ going to the yarn shop! I found this really neat device to easily make pom-poms (which I really dislike making normally)

I am creating...pom-poms! Lots and lots of pom-poms. Hopefully I'll show you why next week (grin).

Picture thought...

Sneak peak...



Michelle said...

who makes the pom pom device because i always wondered if it was worth it to buy one? I seen them at the craft store...

Lainie said...

Michelle I'll post some pics of the pom-pom maker.

Michelle said...

Hey thanks! I might have to get myself some of those! I don't knit, but I use a loom to make hats which turn out pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself. I hate making pom poms for the hats though. This looks like it would be great! Thanks!

Erna said...

Your prayer for homeschooling moms echos the very prayer and admonition that has been on my heart lately. It was nice to read your daybook. I have yet to put mine up. :0)

Ann said...

OOOOHHHH....I am soooo diggin that pom pom maker and I KNOW you are too!!!! Those are some pretty pom poms...I can't wait to see what you are doing with them...I think I know...but I can't wait to SEE it. I need a red pom pom for your sock monkey hat. Maybe I can bring my red yarn over to get it made..hint hint hint:) Love ya girl and enjoy your quiet week!!!

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