Monday, October 5, 2009

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today, Monday October 5th, 2009...

Outside my window... the trash is being picked up. I'm so grateful for trash collection. Can you even begin to imagine life without it??

I am thinking... that balance in life is a very hard thing to achieve long term. It seems, at least for me, that there is always adjustments to be made, distractions to be laid down and priorities to rearrange.

I am thankful for... a really understanding husband, really good friends and a wonderful church home. Oh and Maxalt. I'm really thankful for Maxalt when I get a migraine.

I am wearing... a very soft, purple knit dress over black capri leggings and it's chilly enough in here that I'm wearing boiled-wool clogs.

I am reading... a book that Julie C. loaned me that I must add to my library-- The Cure for a Troubled Heart by Ron Mehl. It is a devotional/meditation on Psalm 37.

It's just what I needed... and I had no idea I needed it and still aren't sure why I need it.

I am hoping... to feel/be less scattered this week. If you find my groove, can you please send it back to me?? :)

I am creating... nothing!!!! and it feels so good. The wedding invites are done and I am officially going back into retirement.

I designed the ad cards for the movie and I am working on the wesbite for that.

But what I really, really want to be doing is knitting or some other handy craft. Soon I hope...

I am praying... for details, for revival, for the Lord to come back, for Nana to hurry home...

Around the house... we are purging closets on Tuesday and then taking the girls clothes shopping on Wednesday. I am really clueless about staying on top of things like that.

From the kitchen... I like doing a crockpot meal on Mondays. For tonight I have a BBQ Beef Brisket in the slow-cooker for sandwiches later.

Thank you to all that left me suggestions last week.

You guys are such a blessing.

Here is the recipe I am using today...

Adrienne's Overnight Barbecued Beef

One of my favorite cameras! I can barely remember that I used to have to develop film.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Schooling the kiddos and getting everyone appropriate clothes to wear-- that fit.

Here is a picture thought I'm sharing with you...



Katherine Bailey said...

Hope you get your groove back soon. I so thought about that Disney Emperor movie when you mentioned that.

Looks like the new pet is a hit. Your kiddos are so blessed to have such great parents.

Erna said...

Purging closets and purchasing clothes for a new season . . . it can all creep up so fast! I did okay with purging closets and drawers but I still am not fully equipped for the up and coming seasons. The children's fall wardrobe got a good boost yesterday while on our shopping trip but there's more to get. Winter . . . I'll try not to let that one get too far away from me b/c I hear there could be snow this week. Sigh. Boots . . . boots . . . boots . . . three pairs please! Maybe I should stop visiting blogs and plan some shopping trips. LOL! Be blessed today!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

:) You are obviously better at the whole clothes thing than I am. I never think to purge BEFORE we go shopping. I just buy stuff on clearance that I like and when they run out of hangers are start walking out of their room with too-short pants, THEN I get the bright idea to purge.

I'm a little behind on the learning curve. Apparently.

That last picture is so sweet.

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