Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Read Aloud Replay--with exclusive video interview

Imagine with me, if you will, a family gathered together in warm coziness.

It was dark outside but, our room was bright with light as we began our seventeenth chapter of The Bronze Bow.

Kurt prayed our blessing.

The Captain cleared his throat then, began to read...

"This time," the villagers said, as Daniel halted the blows of his hammer,
"Rosh has gone too far."

"How do you know it was Rosh?" Daniel inquired,
keeping his eyes on the ax he was mending.

"Is there any other man in Galilee who would dare such a thing?
Five of the wealthiest houses in the city robbed..."

"...They tried the house of the centurion himself.
He might have known the centurion wouldn't leave his house unguarded.
Most likely the cutthroats got careless-"

The Captain stopped reading as we watched, from across the room, the rise of a little, brown hand belonging to a concerned, furrowed brow.

"Yes, " I said, "did you have a question?"

"Uh, yes," answered one of the children answered Nana quietly. "Did he just say, "Cockroach?"


"Yeah, just now. Karlos, read it again, what you just read," Nana asked insistently.

So Karl repeated the last sentence, "Most likely the cutthroats got careless-"

"Oh, cutthroats!! I thought he said cockroach. I was so confused."

I imagined a large band of outlaw cockroaches robbing and pillaging as I ran to the bathroom... just in time.

Stay tuned for more, "Life with Nana." Coming soon to a blog near you.


An hour or so later...



Abigail said...


Now I know where I get it from.


~Cyndi said...

ROTFL! Oh Lainie, thanks for the tip to stop over . . . oh my. Is she giving ideas for the next movie??? Pillaging Cockroaches.

I could just squeeze her! I love Nana!

Having been warned what the interview was about, I thought I was safe, but I admit I about lost control when she said that she "got rid of the Winnie the Pooh." =D

Ann said...

Oh mmmmyyyyyy...I have a mental picture of Nana in your sparkly dress and her ugg boots with a head band in her hair and black purse with the fuschia ribbons. It's just too much!!! ehehehheehehh LOVE it...thanks for the giggles!

Mama Jenn said...

Nana is TOO CUTE!!!!!

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