Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How To Clean Your Kitchen In 10 Minutes Or Less

Pre-cleaning Activities

• Play musical beds the night before-- (1) have husband fall asleep with son while reading and sleep in his room all night (2) have daughter (that is almost as tall as you) fall asleep in your bed and sleep with you all night

• Forget to use nasal spray before bed and have storm come into town so combination of barometric change and stuffy sinuses make you feel like someone is sitting on your head

• Wake up discombobulated

Cleaning Activities

• Decide to make muffins and while getting eggs out of the 'frig knock over the container with spicy, ginger, and honey salad dressing in it so that dressing splashes all over the floor, inside of the refrigerator, and most importantly, all the bottles in the door

• Take picture of spill and post on Facebook

See instructional photo:

• Call Papa and ask, in a mildly distressed voice, for a latte

• Clean up spill and congratulate yourself that your refrigerator is now clean

• Resume making muffins

• While making room on the counter for bowl, accidentally push your favorite mug off the counter so large chunks of it are now missing. Make sure it is your mug that has,
"I dreamed my whole house was clean," printed on it. Irony is very important.

• Take picture of mug and decide your morning is now worthy of an entire blog post

See instructional photo #2

• Clean up porcelain fragments, then vacuum entire kitchen floor

• Be grateful it wasn't the mug with a just made and delivered from next door latte from your sweet Daddy

Ta-dah! Your kitchen is now clean.

• Call your BFF and relate your morning activities while continuing to bake muffins, have a good laugh and enjoy muffins with son when finished baking

The End



Abigail said...

Too funny!

Wonderful muffins, anyway.

~Cyndi said...

I was following this on fb, and actually started out giggling that another homeschool mommy was discombobulated and baking muffins instead of up bright and early with all the kids in their places reciting poetry. (Although yours do that so well!)

Then, the picture of the fridge cracked me UP. Then, God started talking . . .

"Sometimes you 'oops' in front of your children in order to train them how to deal with it. A mess can be cleaned up until it no longer shows. It's not the end of the world."

"Sometimes 'oopses' have consequences, like breaking a favorite mug. But you can still laugh about it. It's not the end of the world."

"Daddies are always there for you, willing to help you and bless you with good gifts. Especially Me."

I don't mean to preach -- your post is hilarious, and I admire your hootspa for sharing it! But I'm sitting here in a messy house full of sickies, and I'm SICK of it, and God used your morning to teach me a lesson. (And I'm so thankful that it happened to you and not to me!)

Lainie said...

Thank you Cyndi! That totally blessed me :)

Abby, glad you liked 'em!

Ann said...

hehehehe...I am so glad the muffins made it out ok. You needed them to be good:) ehehehehehehe Poor girl!!!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Wow, i love the part how your dad came over and rescued you with a latte!! Thats so sweet.

Scrapingirl said...

HAHA!!! You're totally having one of those "I know there's a hidden camera somewhere" kinda morning. I have those quite often.

Lainie said...

Scrapingirl... that is so funny that you said that! That's what I was thinking the whole time :D

I kept thinking I was going to hear, "I'm Allen Funt and yoooouuuu're on Candid Camera!"

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