Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Week 2 RtR

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Week 2: MFW--Rome to Reformation

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize these posts...
by subject? by child/grade?

As a reader, how would you like to see it presented?
What would be the most helpful?
Any comments on this would be very helpful to me and much, much appreciated :)

For this week, I think I'll do it by subject and see how it goes.


We are still learning how the bible (as we know it) came to be using the book,
"How the Bible Came to Us."

This week we read overviews of Old and New Testament histories and learned about the origins of writing. It was a nice review. The kids are eager to learn more of the origins and also to start our memory verses next week.


This week we learned about the life of Julius Caesar, Cicero, the beginnings of Octavius (who later became Augustus Caesar) as well as Roman Cities and Homes.

One of the suggestions MFW has is enlarging & photocopying the pictures of characters from the Augustus Caesar's World book and having the kids color each character as they are introduced during our reading.

It's worked out great and keeps our little guy listening closely.

Here are their sheets so far along with some notebooking on Julius Caesar:

Kurt 3rd grade

Brigitta's 5th grade

Leisl's 7th grade

I didn't think I would use them (and didn't at all last year) but I must say I'm kinda diggin' using the internet links from the three Usborne Internet-Linked books we're using this year (Ancient World, Roman Empire and The First Encyclopedia of the Human Body).
Being able to get the graphics has been nice for notebook pages and displays on the windows, etc...

Our Latin roots words for this week were: tres= three and quattour= four


The younger two are still learning about the human body. We've been having so much fun!
No experiments this week but lots of notebooking as we studied the basic parts of the brain.

Kurt 2nd grade

Instead of having him draw everything, since I enlarge and photocopy so he can trace the picture, I allow him to cut out the words and make labels.

I really pick and choose how much writing he does because of his ocular motor dysfunction.
The amount of visual demand is so significant this school year that I want him to be challenged while not being frustrated.

Brigitta's 5th grade

Leisl has two experiments to do and will do them on Friday or Saturday.
She is still a little sick so we haven't pushed it.

The Saxon math with DIVE CD has been awesome so far.
She loves it and so do I.

Brigitta is plugging along in Singapore 4A and I'll need to write a whole post about Kurt and his math. Thinking about it just makes me cry (happy tears).

Random pics...

This is Brigitta working on English.

And here is Kurt mesmerized by something...

Ah! Maestro Max from Music Ace.
It's our Music Theory program.
We love that dude.

So far this week only he has listened to our assigned music lesson on the Story and Music of Haydn. Mainly because we listened to it on the way to eye therapy and back.
Hopefully the girls can get their listening in during a shower or something!

We haven't formally started Rosetta Stone foreign language this year and Brigitta has expressed continued interest in switching languages from Hebrew to Filipino (Tagalong). So while we're praying about that significant chunk o' change, Nana got her some books that teach basic words and she is loving it!

Here is a peek at one of her books.

Alright so that is most of our week.

Is it too much information?

I mean I use the word "Highlights" and I think this may be a bit overboard.

Should I just pick one of each "thing" to show or is it helpful to see each level of work?

Obviously, I don't have this all figured out and would appreciate your input!

I can't wait to see what y'all have been up to.

Have a great Friday/weekend :)



Katherine Bailey said...

I liked your post...I don't mind the length or all the pics.

Hope you don't mind my post is a little OT.


Leah C said...

I like the highlights and especially having pictures!

Julie said...

Great post, I wouldn't change a thing. :) Looks like you guys had a great week. I linked up with our week of MFW Kindergarten and joined your blogroll. We have a few Usborne Internet Linked books, too and they are great. See 'ya next week.

Michelle said...

What is music ace? I never heard of it. And I love all the highlights. I'm looking forward to next year. :)

Lainie said...

Michelle Music Ace is a software program that teaches music theory. It was highly recommended by a very musical family that we know and has been awesome for our family.

Here is the website for the company. I believe I ordered it from Amazon.

helen said...

I was pleasantly surprised that brigitta took interest in the Filipino language.

Lainie said...

Our children are 3/4 Filipino and would love to visit all the places they hear about! Brigitta in particular has a desire to go and wants to be able to speak some of the language by the time she gets there :)

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