Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Week 1 RtR

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We started our first week learning about the founding of Rome, The Roman Republic, The Punic Wars and the Fall of the Roman Republic.

Here are some notebooking pages...

This one is Brigitta's-

Here is Leisl's on the Punic Wars-

And Kurt's map of Roman Lands Today-

We also started our Latin root words.
This week we learned "unus" and "duo."

Before we get into our memory verses for the year we are learning how the bible came to be.
We were able to do a project to reinforce that the books of the Bible can be grouped in sections.

The major sections are The Book of the Law, Old Testament History, Poetry and Wisdom, The Prophets, New Testament History, The Letters and Revelation.

They are making a little "mini" books using construction paper and empty match boxes.

It sure was hard to write on the construction paper once it was damp with glue.
I'll think we'll go back and make labels for the spines so they are easier to read.
Did any RtR people have problems with this too??


We've had lots of fun with science already!

Leisl has been videoing her science experiments from Apologia Science Exploring Creation with General Science.

Here is Experiment 1.1 Experiment 1.2 and Experiment 1.3

And here is a short little video on making ellipses-

The other two will be learning anatomy and astronomy this year.

This week we learned about cells.

Here is one of Brigitta's science notebook pages-

And here is our model cell-

We also video taped our cell making activity.


Well I think that is about it for our first week. I still hope to do the Wax Writing tablet and there is one more science activity that we hope to do this weekend.

Three of us have had colds and we were gone on Monday so if we don't it all done--
no worries.

I'm sure there will be plenty to do next week :)


sarah in the woods said...

Looks like an awesome week! Hope you all feel better.

Lainie said...

Thank you Sarah! We are feeling better but now my hubby is sick :(

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting... my dc like seeing others' work. sort of like the classroom effect without the class. :)
We are in week 2, right with ya!

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