Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Friday September 25th

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*** I goofed when I made the original "Weekly Homeschool Highlights" button. The original button brings readers back to the original post. That was great the first time/week but not great for all the weeks after.

So please grab a new button (replace your old one) and it will bring readers back to the most recent and previous "Weekly Homeschool Highlights" linky lists. That way everyone can easily find the most current posts and see what you're up to! ***

The Mcklinky is now open for you to share what you've been up to all week.

I don't know about you guys, but we were BUSY this week.

Yikes! If we're this busy on Week 2, I can't imagine what we'll be like when we're doing all subjects.

I'm so glad we're having fun and learning tons. It does make the time much more enjoyable :)

Don't forget to link back here with your button:

And please link to your "Highlight" post URL (permalink) and not simply your blog address.

If I've totally confused you, leave a comment and I'll explain :)

Have fun hoppin' around!

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Michelle said...

Ok, I am going to participate in this, but how does McLinky work? Sorry I'm stupid. Usually I'm not this stupid, but I don't understand it. And we were swamped in our curriculum C2G the first weeks as well. I decided I wasn't going to add any extras. It was just too much! We are doing better now though.

Lainie said...

Oh Michelle I am so glad you asked and you are NOT stupid :) When you go to your blog address (mine is you come to the "home" pages and can scroll through several posts from most recent to less recent.

But, if you click on the title of any post (no matter how old) it will come up to the top of the home page and be all by itself (no other posts after it to scroll through).

If you notice at the top of your browser, the "address" is a little different. It should have your blog address PLUS some additional information there to bring a reader to that specific post instead of the blog home page.

That is the permalink. You highlight and copy that information for your "Weekly Highlight" post and entire that into the next available Mcklinky spot each week between Fri at midnight and Sun at 5 pm.

Does that help??

If you need help installing the button I can help with that too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Michelle said...

So I don't need to put McLinky on my blog? I was confused where it said get your free MckLinky here...thinking I had to put in on my post. I understand permalinks and know how to do those. Boy, my question sounds even stupider now looking at it. I think I was just confused on the McKlinky thing. I have McKlinky, but I never use it because I never know how it works! LOL. I get permalinks. I know how to put the HTML on my blog too. I'm not all that deficient. LOL Thanks for taking the time to explain! Little thing hang me up, like links to McKlinky. Wow, I totally got sidetracked there. I have mush homeschool brain this week. Ok, really I can operate a blog. ha ha.

Lainie said...

See... had I gone to your blog FIRST I would have asked what you had a question about since it is obvious you know how to operate a blog and definitely computer!!

The "Get your Free Mcklinky" is just advertising. Just enter the name of your blog in the Title field and the permalink you want to use in the URL field and you're good to go.

When you install the button at the top of your post (labeling it a Weekly Homeschool Highlights" post it will send readers back to this post so they can check out other weekly highlights.

So no you don't need a Mcklinky at all at yours... Only if you're "hosting the party."

Sorry for the misunderstanding!

Your blog is great!

Michelle said...

No, your fine. Like I said, I have mush brain today. I have this really irritating thing where I don't read all the directions and then I am confused. I try to skim them. It never works. So had I thoroughly read your entire post, I wouldn't have had to ask. LOL. I replied back on my blog, but all my contacts are under my picture. They are kind of hard to see. I should make a contact page. It's one of those things on my "to do" list. You can email me at Ok, sorry to pester you. I love your blog by the way and I subscribed to it in my feed reader. Thanks a ton. You rock!

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