Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

I've become my mother after all!

Nana, as we all know, gets her words a little mixed up sometimes.
American phrases and sayings in a cute Filipino mouth come out, uh... interesting.

Well today (and of course in front of my daughter) I was trying to say either

1) Let's get this ball rolling


2) Let's get this show on the road

sigh... but what I said was...

Let's get this ball on the road!

Of course, Leisl was delighted.

"Mom, did you just say, "Ball on the road?!"

I was busted.

What could I do except admit that yes, I am my mother's daughter :)



Katherine Bailey said...

Our oldest girls are so similar it's eery! Kylie's always around when I get my "ball on the road" too!

But, once in a while (rarely), her's will bounce on there too, and we'll have a good laugh...

God was being pretty nice when he gave her to me, for sure.

Have a good week.
Kathi :)

Nicole said...

LOL so funny! I get messed up it math sometimes and when I am supposed to be reading the question to them I end up telling them the answer.. hehe

hitherto said...

That's okay Lainie, the other day I asked Andrea about her towel paper holder instead of her paper towel holder =) Not to mention all of the other words I can't seem to get right =)

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