Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life With Nana: Episode 2

I'm going to start titling Nana's "Nana-isms" posts as "Life with Nana" and give an Episode number since I don't anticipate running out of material any time soon ;)

So while I was away, Nana was charming as usual. Here are the latest and greatest...

The common saying is, "It is neither here nor there."

Nana's version?

"No hey or hoy!"

In a conversation with Leisl, Nana referred to the TV show
"America's Got Talent."

Leisl had to giggle though, when Nana actually called it,
"Great American Talent."


And last night she was recounting all the cleaning she has done while I was away.
But in her zeal for cleaning, she accidentally broke one of the antennae on our TV (we don't have cable).

She was trying to say that it was bent already (she was trying to straighten it out) and that it was on "it's last leg."

But what came out was, "Lain, it was, you know, bent so I was trying to "straight it."
But when I fixed it, you know, it was "on a leg.""

Ah, life with Nana... it's good to be home.


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Abigail said...

The funny thing is- we're all saying "no hey or hoy" now.

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