Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Demise of the Small Bookstore

Each teacher's manual (from MFW) contains a "labor of love" simply titled,

"Library Resources."

In it are book suggestions made by Marie Hazell, writer of My Father's World curriculum, to help add richness to that year's study. This year we are studying Rome to the Reformation.

What is amazing about this book list is that Marie has read every single book.

As one mom to another, she gives you a heads up about the books. For example...

"This is a great book but on page 12 they mention _______. You may want to omit this or say __________ instead."

"This is a wonderful book but for children grade 6+."

You get the idea.

It's wonderful to me because the library can be a scary place these days.

I was looking at the library list and saw more than one book that said,

"Recommended both for historical information and high moral tone."

A good number of books that were asterisked as ones not to miss are older books that are out of print/ hard to find.

I checked with our library system and although we had a lot of the books listed, there were a few "special" ones that we didn't.

I tried to find them locally. It was on my search that I realized gone is the day of a small bookstore with informed, friendly staff that are eager to help.

What bookstores that remain are huge chains with too many "books" and not enough good reading material.

My trip to the bookstore was unsuccessful except for the purchase of a new mug that I'll share later. It cracked me up-- I had to :)

All this to say, I came home and about fifteen minutes later I found and ordered everything I needed at Amazon. I received free shipping on the books they had in stock too.

I've added the books from them into my sidebars so anyone doing Rome To Reformation this year can purchase them easily.

The used books I purchased will come from a variety of sellers across the nation.
At least I don't have to drive across the country to pick them up ;)

I miss the small, friendly bookstore but I must say I like being able to order from my home and we do look forward to seeing Don, our UPS driver. He is so nice!



Leah C said...

I love Amazon for finding those hard to find books. But I would enjoy the little hometown bookstore that has "everything." I know where one is, but I have to go about 3 hours away to get there. :(

Ann said...

I LOVE Amazon!!! There are times when I want to go out and touch the books and look down the aisles. is nice to stay in my jammies too:) Glad you found the books you were looking for!!!

Ann said...

Actually I don't believe I have read any of these. I have watched Ben Hur and heard of Beo wolf and Francis Schaefer. Hmmmm Might have to check them out:)

Abigail said...

What? We ARE doing Beowulf? I didn't know that! YEAH! I've always wanted to read that book. Funny, for some reason I thought were reading it in a later year. Ooh I'm excited!

~Cyndi said...

I went to B&N last week on a mission for a particular book. Found it. :) Then I decided to look through the "Ages 7 - 12" section for little M, since I was there. It reminded me of our previous chat on fb as I stood there and cried at the pictures and words - just on the covers. What an attack on our children!

I am soooo thankful for MFW's booklists. And very thankful that we have an excellent library system here. I am so blessed by good books.

Waiting to hear more about this mug . . .

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