Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuppa, cuppa

In my quest to find books, which failed, I found that which I was not looking for
(oooh look at me waxing eloquent--or not! :)

I saw it.

I read it.

I bought it.

Here is my new cup...

Just a little teaser...

Here is the handle.


Like I said, I couldn't help myself.



Meghan said...

I love that cup!! I dream about my house being clean every day!

Anonymous said...



Auntie said...

Good one...I can relate. Can't blame you for going there.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Just don't put coffee in that cup or you'll wake up for sure! LOL

kreativekoosa said...

That is the best cup I've ever seen!!! In the very first picture it just looked like a flowery cup, and I thought, hmmm....this doesn't look very much like Lainie. But then, all was revealed and I just laughed out loud!!

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