Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Infamous T-Shirt

It wasn't until July, when I met my cyberbuddy Tammi in person, that I realized Leisl's T-shirt is the source of some speculation and debate.

Leisl wears this T-Shirt a lot.

I don't mean "often" a lot. I mean "I had to sneak this off her bed to make this post" a lot.

I never noticed that she is wearing this shirt in the majority of the Science videos.

But as you can tell from the above photo, most of the time the camera cuts off the bottom of the shirt. No one has been able to tell, from the blog, what the rest of her shirt says!

Mystery unveiled...

This is what the entire front of the shirt looks like:

Ah, but the camera never shows the best part , which is the back of the T-shirt:

Yes, that is Yoda being a little short (no pun intended) on the height requirement for a ride at Disneyland.

The shirt was given to Leisl by our honorary Filipino & "unofficially adopted into our family" friend Andrea.

We didn't know how Leisl would react to the shirt since her stature (and lack thereof) has been a bit of a touchy subject.

But she loved it! (Whew!)

She has since embraced it wholeheartedly and proudly wears it as often as she can.

Leisl and the shirt have become impromptu Goodwill Ambassadors to all the tiny people. Everywhere she goes, "Less Tall" people approach her to talk about the shirt and express their desire to get one just like it.

I'm thankful she is able to not only accept who she is (and who God made her to be) but to do it so joyfully. We're very proud of her...all fifty-seven inches!



MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That is a great shirt! I'm glad she wears it proudly. :) God made her perfect and petite just the way she is!

Andrea said...

I may have to look for something similar to this for my Em. She's on the petite size, too. I think it's awesome your girl can embrace her beautiful size!

Mrs. Bridget G. said...

Where was this shirt when i was growing up? lol. I'm one of the shortest people i know!

margaret elaine said...

I love her, love her, love her! All 57 inches! Great shirt!

Tammi Kay said...

Funny thing is that although she might be compact in size there is certainly NOTHING small in the presentation!

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