Thursday, August 13, 2009

Homeschool Blog Hop: Where we do school

Okay so Darcy is hosting a little blog hop. You may have noticed this little button is my sidebar.


This week (and I am very late) is school rooms.

We don't use a dedicated school room. We tried.

That lasted about two weeks.

Last year we had cabinets installed into our family room.
These are pictures we took right after the installation.

It is not that clean in here now (or since).

The cabinets hold our school supplies, books, paper for the copier, manipulatives, etc...

We do most of our schooling in our family room mainly because there is a gas fireplace in there.
It's very cozy on cold, rainy Oregon mornings.

Our friend Andrea found this little, adjustable slant table for use in there.

She gave us three of them and when we're done we simply fold them up and slide them underneath the couch. I think they were $14.99 at Walgreens.
Very handy!

When we're not in the family room we're usually at the kitchen table.

It works out great for the two older girls but our little guy doesn't quite fit at that table.
Since posture is so important when writing, etc... I set up a tray table next to the kitchen table.

It's just his size and now he doesn't feel left out. We also have a slant board for use on tabletops...

Apparently, being a Viking helps you study ;0)

Our history time line stretches across our family room (this is what the room usually looks like)

We keep our books in several bookcases. Many are stored in bookcases upstairs...

But we pretty much use the whole house especially when acting something out...

(Don't worry no one was injured in this re-enactment of Menes conquering all of Egypt and securing his double crown.)

And yes sometimes our living room is even our "dining" room. But only when Manna falls and we have to gather our breakfast in baskets...

Well that's it for our little tour. We really embrace the "home" part of home school. But we do have actual desks upstairs that the kiddos use when they need to get away and really concentrate. Just so you know...


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knit1kids4 said...

WOW! I love it! All the storage is wonderful... thanks for sharing!

Erna said...

What a great organizational system you have! I love the way you did your timeline! I have to consider that for the future. We hope to have a place in the children's playroom (basement when it's done) to put up some of their timelines, etc. I think this is wonderful! We currently have ours on bristol board on the back of a door off our main floor but it isn't as visible. :0(

Lainie said...

Erna, I had to learn from a failed time line when our son was in First Grade. Talk about learning experience! I knew we needed a time line that would last us four years so we went heavy duty!

One thing about your board though... you can put it away when you just don't want a time line in your room. Options are good! :)

Monica said...

Love the little book holder you got from Walgreens! Your kids look like they are having a great time!
Monica at

Marsha S said...

woo hoo! can we move in with you? lol
I dream of having a house big enough to have one room that is dedicated both to my crafts and to schooling.

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