Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exploring Countries and Cultures: Science Notebooking

I've had a few requests for posts on our Exploring Countries and Cultures year.

The only problem is I wasn't blogging when we did E.C.C..

So I've decided to post a few slideshows of some of the work from that year.

Here is Leisl's science notebooking pages. She loved notebooking so we moved her to larger paper (18 x 24) really quickly. She has a few pages on 8 1/2 x 11 but I'm not sure where those are...

By "Leisl" grade 5

If you move your mouse over the lower right corner of the slide show buttons should pop-up that enable you to pause or navigate through the pictures.

Brigitta didn't really fancy notebooking so instead of drawing like Leisl did, she created a travel journal.

She invented a character named Maria that traveled around the world and her entries contained all the relevant science information.

Here are two pictures and an excerpt:

"Today Sarah and I went to the rain forest to see JUNGLE KILLERS! We packed flashlights, food in special bogs so predators can't smell it and we wore camouflage clothes. As we were walking into the jungle we saw a harpy eagle flying over. I asked Sarah is harpy eagles were the kind of animal we are looking for. Sarah said, "Yes, harpy eagles are big predators," Sarah continued, "Harpy eagles eat monkeys."

By "Brigitta" grade 3



Jimmie said...

Wow, I'm totally impressed with Leisl's work. Beautiful and thorough.

Lainie said...

Ah, thanks! All the kids try to do their very best :)

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