Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exploring Countries and Cultures: Little Bits and Pieces

There is no way I can cover an entire year of studies in a few posts so I'll just leave you with bits and pieces of what we did during this amazing year.

Science experiments and Nature Studies:

This celery experiment inspired a piece of writing I posted here (on my first blog).

A visit to an apple orchard was rewarded with homemade apple pie that night!

John Williams, the caterpillar. He was cool!

The strength of an arch-- naturally with egg shells.

Fall leaves on a recently rained on sidewalk. So pretty...

Below--A taste of Mexico, Japan, France, China and Russia (just a few of the countries we studied):

Paper flowers and a home made poncho--

We made Japanese lanterns--

We also celebrated our study of Japan by going to a Japanese restaurant--

The Eiffel tower made with water bottle caps 2-D style--

Our trip to the Chinese Classical Garden was a highlight--

Our friend Stacey brought over wonderful Russian things and enjoyed the pirog we made that evening.

Again, if there is anything you want to see specifically to our ECC year or have a question about what or how we did something, please ask.

I'd be happy to answer or post something. There is just so much in a school year that I just chose a small sample of our year to share.



hitherto said...

I liked it when all the lanterns were around your house =)

Lainie said...

We did too! The kids were sad the day we took them all down.

But you know, there is always something else to put up, right Katie-kins? :D

Looking for something??