Thursday, July 9, 2009

Your Choice

Here are a few favorites since I couldn't decide...

If you're looking for funny (or at least mildly amusing) try this post about Killing Spiders

Need something a bit more... educational perhaps? How about Froggy Lessons Learned

Sometimes you just need a good cry. I posted this over at Miscel (Lainie) ous and it just might do the trick. It's a post about my baptism titled, A New Season.

While you're over there, you might want to check out "What It Means To Take Up Your Cross."
I "borrowed" most of it from our pastor, Jim Courson. Good stuff.

But by all means, don't pass up a re-visit to some of Nana's best Nana-isms. I have #3 available as Flair for those of you who Facebook :)


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Ann said...

I love the killing of the spider one...well actually I love them all...but every time I walked into your room and saw the ball I giggled!!! I wanted to get plastic spiders and tape them to ceiling just to see how he would get them off:) ehehhe But I didn't want to give anybody spider-nightmares:(

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