Friday, July 31, 2009

Where Have I Been????

Making a movie!


I know! Tell me about it... (sigh of exhaustion)

***slight grin of satisfaction***

So long story short, a little girl on the next block wanted to make a pirate movie and cooked up the idea with the about-to-enter-high school boy that lives across the street.

We heard about the idea, ya know, that they were making a pirate movie and then nothing seemed to come of it.

Well... Leisl asked them if they needed any help and they said yes.
Sooooo, she offered to write the script.

Thirty-seven pages later. Yes that would be a 3 and a 7,
37 pages later, we have ourselves a screenplay.

You know what happens next right?

Of course you do.

Leisl is now director and guess who is now an impromptu executive producer.

Yes, that would be yours truly. (rolling eyes here)

We are in waaaayyyyyy over our heads BUT we are having the time of our lives and yes indeedy, we are, in fact, making a movie.

So that's where I've been all week.

Cast call is at 8 am (yes, in the morning!) every day except tomorrow.

Cast call is at (gulp) 7:30 am.

Why so early?

Well it's the last day to get all the actual pirate footage because our two pirates are going on vacation next week and by the time they get back we will have returned their costumes to the theatrical costume shop.


The good news is we already have a lot of footage and I hope to have a trailer soon.

(Tap, tap Leisl, talking to you babes!)

Until then, pray for us crazy people over here :)

It's a good screenplay--sweet, funny and glorifying to God.

It's everything we wish we would see more of in films.
Except, you know, done by amateurs, on bare bones equipment, with virtually no budget.

Off to sleep... "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!"



Four For France said...

super fun!

Ann said...

your the best mommy...and the screenplay and kiddos are awesome!!! LOVE the bloopers:)

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