Thursday, July 2, 2009

When A Desk Doesn't Work--Try A Bookcase!

Our dining room area hasn't been used as a dining room for years.

First we had the piano in there to make more room in the living room. Recently, we had a small desk for The Captain while I used the small cafe table to house the computer.

Desk + The Captain= Mountain O' Stuff mainly because he is such a busy guy and sitting and sorting don't usually figure into his daily routine. When he is at home and working, he prefers to take his notebook computer and sit on the couch or at the kitchen table.

Then you have Large Open Area + Me = Collapsing Piles O' Stuff. I know where everything is but it is an eye-sore for everyone else.

Knowing what doesn't work is half the solution towards finding what will work.

We have cleaned desks and work areas off before but things don't stay tidy in the long term.

A very timely sale at IKEA over Memorial Day weekend has resulted in major clutter solutions.

I posted this picture in a previous post...

We were able to get the majority of our books organized into one area. Because the IKEA Expedit bookcase consist of cubbies instead of long shelves, I am able to group books into subject matters or by author series. The other major bonus is the shelves are supported so the center of the shelves won't bow over time.

So how do these bookcases help to replace a desk?

The other nice thing about these bookcases is their versatility. Instead of standing them upright, we laid them on their sides--

Most of these books used to sit on the long counters in the family room. Now I've freed up that space for use during school.
We've also been able to organize our music books and sheet music.

And for The Captain?

Expedit makes an insert you can buy separately that will turn a cubby into either a doored compartment or two drawers.

When we he went to pick-up the inserts they were on sale for $10 a piece. He now has two closed compartments and four drawers to organize his Mountain O' Stuff. We left the bottom cubbies open to house his various bags.

I took over the small secretary desk for the computer. It's not a perfect set-up for a screen as large as mine but I'm hoping it'll work long term.

But the rest of the room feels substantially less chaotic and we have enough room to keep the little cafe table (sorry Andrea!) where we have little "dinner dates" after the kids are in bed.

I love this time of year of organizing and preparing before we start school again in the Fall. I'm curious to see how effective this new set-up will be once school starts again.

But for now, it feels great and I'm ready to start tackling other areas that have been neglected for the last nine months!

What about you? Any re-organizing projects? Have you found a solution to a problem area? I'd love to hear it :)



Mary Lou said...

What am I NOT working on in this disorganized jungle of a house? Kitchen counters, my art table that is ALWAYS piled high meaning I never can find anything or work on anything, my armoire that I am fixing to be a scrapbook center, the homeschooling shelves, the dining room, the garage, and the list goes on and on and on. I really need to kick it into high gear though so I can start school in September (I was hoping to begin in August...probably not going to happen.) I need a MAJOR pep talk but I do have to say it is hard with a horrid back because I don't get a lot of hours a day without back pain. :) BUT.... GOD IS SO GOOD! I have a wonderful home, an understanding husband and a incredibly brilliant daughter!

Alicen said...

Looks terrific Lainie!

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